Tenley Molzahn Hangs With JJ Lane After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ And Has This To Say

Tenley Molzahn went on Bachelor In Paradise to find love after ending her 5-year relationship with Kiptyn Locke. Kiptyn and Tenley broke up years ago, but she always thought that he would be the one for her. Now, he is the father of a newborn child, and Molzahn is trying to figure where her love life will go. On the show, Tenley has been partnering up with Joshua Albers, but she has become great friends with JJ Lane.

Of course, Tenley Molzahn had no idea that all of the drama was happening with Juelia Kinney and Joe Bailey. Joe had used Juelia to stick around in paradise in hopes of meeting Samantha Steffen. Everyone was furious about his behavior, including JJ Lane, who confronted Joe about his behavior. And Molzahn does think that he is a great friend to have.

According to a new Facebook post, Tenley Molzahn is now revealing that she thinks JJ Lane is a great guy, even though some people think he is odd. And as Molzahn reveals, he is an acquired taste. And her followers couldn’t agree more.

“He’s an acquired taste, like a fine wine,” as said by the BIP cast & Jared Haibon.

“My dear friend, Mr. Lane, I’m so grateful for your friendship. You have taught me to give every person the opportunity to be themselves, & to truly get to know someone before writing them off. You are a gem. Good things are coming buddy, JJ Lane! God’s grace is big & good! #bachelorinparadise #bachelorfamily #bachelornation #sweetandfreelife,” Tenley Molzahn revealed on Facebook this morning after the Bachelor In Paradise episode.

Even though Molzahn has been a part of the Bachelor franchise for years, including competing on Bachelor Pad, she is hoping to find everlasting love. Tenley has bonded with Joshua Albers on the show, even though she has been warned about his partying ways. According to Bustle, Tenley Molzahn has an innocent and sweet side to her. She recently shared some pictures from her time as a Disney princess. Clearly, she is much more caring in comparison to her manipulating co-star, Joe Bailey, and his antics.

According to the Inquisitr, Tenley Molzahn has been staying out of the drama over the past couple of episodes. In fact, Molzahn had no idea that all of the drama was going down with Samantha and Juelia over their mutual drama with Joe. Apparently, Molzahn had been partying and drinking with the other co-stars and staying out of trouble.

What do you think of Tenley Molzahn’s friendship with JJ Lane?

[Image via Facebook]