Kelis Pregnant Again? Baby Bump Rumors Go Viral After ‘Milkshake’ Singer Dons Sheer Frock At Afro Punk Event [Video]

Kelis is pregnant and ready to go from milkshakes to baby formula, based on several insiders. Baring what appeared to be a baby bump when Kelis did her “Bossy” best at the Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn, the rumors that the singer is pregnant immediately went viral, reported E! News.

And the reports appear to be credible, according to sources who revealed that the “Milkshake” singer is getting ready to go from shakes to baby bottles. Those insiders revealed that Kelis is thrilled about being pregnant with her second baby.

Donning a spectacularly sheer frock, Kelis got the pregnant buzz going among her fans. But for those worried that Kelis will take a hiatus during her pregnancy, insiders said that she plans to continue that “Milkshake” momentum.

“She had a great time at Afropunk this weekend and will continue to perform as long as she feels good,” said one source.

“She is really excited about her pregnancy,” said a source. “She has a great support system from her family and friends. She is in really amazing spirits.”

And another insider revealed that she has been pregnant for several months and feeling great.

When Kelis was pregnant for the first time, she had a son with Nas, her ex-husband.

But the singer told the Guardian that she doesn’t want to be pitied in her role as single mother.

“Yeah, it’s hard being a working single mother, but on the flipside, it’s awesome, too. You only have to worry about yourself,” pointed out Kelis.

As a result, the crooner takes pride in using her ideas to raise her son, Knight. And although Kelis hasn’t eliminated the possibility of dating someone else, she’s bringing up her child the way she feels is best.

“It’s only your influence and your ideas. That’s not to say there’s not room for someone else to be involved, but at the moment I’m raising Knight how I think he should be raised. He’s a great baby.”

Kelis isn’t alone in focusing on life as a single mother.

As the Inquisitr reported, Bristol Palin is pregnant without being married for the second time. Bristol’s pregnancy announcement came after the daughter of Sarah Palin has made a career out of urging abstinence.

But while the soon-to-be single mom of two describes herself as in support of abstinence, Palin also said she doesn’t view it as realistic.

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