Man Finds Message From Jeffrey Dahmer In His Father’s Yearbook [Photo]

Jeffrey Dahmer, who was one of the most well know serial killers in history made a comeback this week according to A man who’s father went to high school with Dahmer was going through a yearbook from 1978 and he stumbled across a message scrawled out to his father from the cannibal.

Dahmer wrote (See Photo Below),

“To Ted, the most idiotic foolish person I know, but nice kid. Jeff Dahmer”

Most kids in High School have their friends and acquaintances sign little messages in the back of their yearbooks so that they can remember all the people they will probably lose touch with and never see again.

The son found the yearbook message and then went to his father. He said this about his father’s relationship with Dahmer,

“My father was a neighbor and friend with Dahmer all throughout school. Well, the friendship dwindled when they reached high school because Dahmer “became kind of weird then.” My dad was still a friend but not the kind that hangs out with him all the time. Probably one of the best judgments he’s ever made, despite his very confident claim that, “No no, Jeff wouldn’t have killed me.” My grandparents to this day say that Jeffrey was such a pleasant polite boy.”

He was asked how his father reacted when he found out that his high school buddy was one of the most prolific serial killers in history, he said,

“He was beyond shocked. I don’t think he’s ever gotten completely over it. Now he’s kind of numb to it and can joke about it. He found out whenever the news of Dahmer’s arrest came. What bothered him even more was how much the media sensationalized it. He was interviewed but they only chose to include the part about Dahmer’s excitement during the pig dissection in class.”

Then he went on about how his father had said that Dahmer’s mother wasn’t right in the head saying,

“On a side note, Jeff’s mom was on the nutty side. My dad remembered hearing some strange noise outside one night. He looked out the window, couldn’t find the source of the noise, but saw some lady running out on the street chasing something. The next morning he heard that Dahmer’s mom was supposedly chasing a UFO. The crazy part is that my dad remembers hearing the strange noise.”

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