Donald Trump: Tom Brady Defended By Trump, Patriots QB Called ‘Great Guy’

Donald Trump defended Tom Brady during a recent interview with Fox Business. According to Pro Football Talk, Donald Trump had nothing but wonderful things to say about his “great friend” Tom Brady, and the presidential hopeful didn’t hold back when taking a shot at the NFL.

“I think it’s ridiculous the way they’ve treated him. He’s a friend of mine, he’s a great friend of mine, he’s a great guy, and I think it’s ridiculous the way they’ve treated him. To spend $10 million in legal fees, and now it’s probably higher than that, it’s crazy. He’s a great star. They ought to go back to playing football. This country has bigger problems. Tom Brady is just a great guy and I always take Tom Brady. If you’ve done some friendly bets on Tom Brady you’ve done very well.”

Donald Trump’s Tom Brady comments have been circulating the web all weekend. According to Bleacher Report, Trump is just the latest person to stand up for Tom Brady and to slam commissioner Roger Goodell for handing down such a serious punishment on the New England Patriots quarterback without having sufficient evidence that Tom had a hand in deflating footballs.

After having a couple of private meetings with Brady, Goodell decided to uphold Brady’s four-day suspension, but the case has now gone to court.

“Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell are scheduled to appear in court Aug. 31 if the two sides don’t reach a settlement. Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, there are no settlement talks planned between the NFL and NFL Players Association before that date. U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman will attempt to issue a ruling no later than Sept. 4.”

Donald Trump’s opinion of Tom Brady may not weigh too heavily on anything football-related, but Trump clearly has a lot of respect for the four-time Super Bowl champion. Trump has been a fan of the Patriots for a long time and can often be seen taking in a game in Foxborough, sitting in owner Robert Kraft’s luxury box.

Of course, Trump’s decision to speak so highly of Tom Brady might have some New Englanders looking at him differently. Is he going to earn votes for unofficially joining the “Free Tom Brady” movement? Maybe not. But Patriots fans are fiercely loyal to their “GOAT” so you really never know.

[Photo by Maddie Meyer / Getty Images Sport and Bill Pugliano / Getty Images News]