Jenelle Evans Arrested For 13th Time, Still Locked In Custody Battle For Son [Video]

It’s been a downward spiral for Jenelle Evans since her appearance on MTV’s Teen Mom 2. Her latest arrest, her 13th to be exact, is for assault, and Evans is still famously locked in a custody battle with her own mother for her 6-year-old son, Jace. This is the third time this year Jenelle has been arrested, according to Myrtle Beach Online.

In her latest arrest, Jenelle is charged with assaulting the girlfriend of her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith, who brought the 29-year-old woman with him to collect some belongings from the house he and Evans used to share. Jenelle claims she felt threatened when Griffith’s new squeeze appeared. According to the Daily Mail, Jenelle’s attorney claims Griffith brought the girlfriend to deliberately provoke Jenelle.

During the incident, Evans threw a glass at Nathan’s girlfriend, striking her in the head and injuring the woman. Jenelle Evans was arrested for third-degree assault and brought to the J. Reuben Detention Center, reports Myrtle Beach Online. Nathan asserted he also was attacked, and officers found evidence of scratches and a ripped shirt on Griffith that were consistent with an assault.

This arrest is just the latest for Jenelle, who has been arrested on 13 other occasions, mostly on drug-related charges. Jenelle’s difficulty shaking her drug habit has landed her in hot water not just with the law, but also with child services, and Evans no longer has custody of her son, Jace. The boy now lives with his grandmother. Jenelle has famously tried getting custody of Jace back several times, and is currently locked in a legal battle with her mother over custody.

This latest arrest won’t help Jenelle, and it’s just one in a string of assault and domestic abuse charges. On May 28, Jenelle Evans was charged with criminal domestic violence after turning herself in to Myrtle Beach Police. Evans was released on her own recognizance on a $2,130 bail, however, the charges were dropped after Griffith decided to not pursue them, reports the Daily Mail. In the past, Evans has also been arrested on heroin charges, as well as for stalking, harassment, and beating up another woman on a front lawn.

Jenelle has famously been in contention with her mother for years over custody of Jace. During Teen Mom 2, seven years ago, her mother tried getting custody of Jace after seeing the downward spiral Jenelle was starting. The pair tried taking it to court, but since Jenelle has little income, she conceded to allowing her mother to take custody of Jace. Since Jenelle has been charged on drug offenses several times, her mother retains custody of the boy, but now Evans wants him back.

[Image credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images]