The Seattle Experiment: Call for Guest Posts

Monday my time I’m leaving the South Pacific for a 10 day trip to Seattle for Gnomedex with a stop over in Los Angeles for two days on the way back. For many readers this may be a short trip, but the flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne coming back is 15 hours by itself and you lose an entire day to make things more interesting. To those who have never sat in a plane for that long in economy class, I can’t describe in words how awful it is. I’m usually pretty good going over, but coming back I’m normally sick as a dog for a couple of days.

During this time I will be posting (well aside from the time I’m in the air) but I also want to get the most out of Gnomedex, so that will mean that I’m not around as much as I usually would be. Starting Monday we have a special guest poster who will be contributing one to two posts a day for two weeks, and I’ll reveal who it is prior to leaving, but I wanted to take the opportunity to extend an invitation to anyone who might be interested in contributing a guest post during this period, or if you’re really keen, beyond. All we can offer is dual bylines, a single line at the intro to the post, and a full byline in the footer of your post, but you can use this to promote whatever site(s) you wish to promote. The Inquisitr doesn’t have the largest amount of traffic out there, but we are growing and have never done a month under 100,000 page views and continue to grow. The one thing we are proud of is that we are well read and linked, with The Inquisitr breaking into the Technorati Top 3000 late last week at just over 3 months old. Technorati calculates the figure based on 6 months of stats, so we’re very happy with it. Indeed, on current rates we should be the most popular blog in existence in 6 weeks, but some how I think the target gets high up the curve as you get closer to 1. It’s a great chance to show your good side, and to introduce yourself to new readers. If your post should hit the front page of Digg, we might throw in a T-Shirt of your choosing as well :-)

If you’re interested, ping me at duncan @

Also if you’re a web startup in the Seattle area and would be interested in giving me a tour and/ or interview, ping me as well. Gnomedex starts Thursday and I’ll be in town Monday afternoon, so Tuesday and Wednesday are free besides me playing tourist for some of the time.