LaLa And Carmelo Anthony: Couple Fights Cheating Rumors By Joining Forces In Puerto Rico

LaLa and Carmelo Anthony have a message for anyone who thought their marriage was ending: It’s not. According to Page Six, the couple decided to meet up in Puerto Rico this weekend. Their island getaway comes just days after a nasty cheating rumor hit the internet, threatening to ruin their relationship… and their reputations.

“The actress was accused by [rapper] Maino’s ex, ­Patrice E, on Instagram of being a ‘married slut’ — ‘How does it feel to be the slut responsible for his daughter never waking up to her father again. @Lala does your husband know that your hoe ass has been [expletive] my daughter’s father. That you slept over his house the other night after the movies.’ She removed her posts hours later,” reports Page Six.

LaLa and Carmelo Anthony didn’t seem phased by the accusations which both LaLa and Maino have denied. According to The Grio, LaLa responded to the cheating allegations by posting a video on Instagram featuring herself and her husband lip syncing to Nicki Minaj’s song “All Eyes On Us.” She and her husband seem like they are in a really good place together, and they aren’t letting any online smack talk ruin their mutual love.

LaLa and Carmelo tackled the rumors straight away. According to E! News, a rep for LaLa Anthony said that the allegations are “absolutely not true.” Sources say that LaLa has been friends with Maino for quite some time, and that Patrice E. is jealous of that friendship. For whatever reason, Patrice E. made these comments, and tried to drive a wedge between LaLa and Carmelo, but it just didn’t work.

“The Brooklyn-born beauty and the New York Knicks star tied the knot in 2010 after a five-year engagement. The two are parents to 8 year-old son Kiyan Carmelo Anthony. ‘She doesn’t look at me as an athlete at all,’ Anthony told the Wall Street Journal back in March 2013. ‘She’s always been the person I can bring something to—that’s a no-brainer.'”

LaLa and Carmelo Anthony haven’t commented on the cheating rumors further, but many believe that their appearance in Puerto Rico together was enough to prove that they are still happily married, and that Carmelo isn’t putting too much faith in what Patrice E. has to say.

Do you think that there is more to this story? Or do you believe that Patrice E. was just trying to start some unnecessary drama? Sound off in the comments below.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe / Getty Images Entertainment]