Sarah Paulson From 'American Horror Story' Is Gaga For Gaga

Actress Sarah Paulson has been a high point in Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story television saga on FX. Paulson is not only in the midst of shooting the next incarnation of the series, American Horror Story: Hotel, but also doing double duty on the new, related mini-series spinoff, American Crime Story, which is set to premiere in 2016.

In American Crime Story, Paulson will play prosecutor Marcia Clark, who did everything in her power to put O.J. Simpson in prison in real life, only to have a conviction fall through her fingers. Recently, Deadline did an in-depth interview with the up and coming Sarah Paulson.

When asked whether or not she gets nervous waiting for another possible Emmy nomination, (Paulson has been nominated for her role as conjoined twins on American Horror Story: Freak Show), Sarah said the nomination process was scary.

"I'm one of those people who doesn't sleep the night before, who is well aware that the nominations are happening and exactly what time they're happening. It's always scary because to me it's an enormous honor to be nominated by the Academy and certainly now there's so much content available. It's even harder I think to get noticed in that way. So it means even more, and the fact that it's the fourth time in a row feels… you know, the first time it happened to me I was sure it would never happen again."
Sarah was also asked what it was like to not have Jessica Lange on the set of American Horror Story as the legendary actress has left the series.
"It's definitely odd and at the same time there are so many new people. It's sort of a revolving door of people. I miss having her around, but I'm too distracted right now with what I'm doing to be too worried about it."
When it comes to working with Lady Gaga, (who will appear on American Horror Story: Hotel) Sarah says that she's a big fan.
"I need to tone it down. I need to start playing it really cool. We all know that everybody who likes somebody, that they have to play a little hard to get – I'm just like a dog in a window panting, waiting to be around her. It's just really pathetic. It's really just because I'm in awe of her talent and I really think she's going to be an incredible addition to the show. I just think she's a perfect fit. I can't wait to have that experience. But you know, I'm a fan before I'm anything else, that's for sure."
[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]