K-Drama Star Park Shin Hye Addresses Instagram Users Claiming She's Had Plastic Surgery

Presently in Korean entertainment, its current queen is probably Park Shin Hye (though she comes off more like a princess). She earned such a moniker for her hard work and devotion over the last two years. Within that time, she acted in some of the most decorated K-dramas and K-movies. For the former, Shin Hye was the female main lead in Heirs and Pinocchio. And for the latter, she was the lead in The Royal Tailor and Beauty Inside. And in between filming, Shin Hye did photo shoots and recorded songs. Needless to say, Park Shin Hye deserved a vacation after working non-stop within those couple of years.

Also in those couple of years, Park Shin Hye's fan base has grown exponentially. However, popularity not only brings fans but also haters. In this case, haters have left malicious comments on Shin Hye's Instagram, accusing her of using plastic surgery. For the longest time, Shin Hye ignored them but now, she is addressing them back.

Park Shin Hye on Beach
Park Shin Hye posted this picture of herself gazing out upon a beach on her Instagram.

Park Shin Hye took to her official Instagram account, posting an image of her gazing out upon a beach (pictured above) with a message directed towards her haters leaving negative comments on her profile. AllKpop translated Shin Hye's message in which it read the following.

"I'm living as I am the way my mother brought me into this world. With pretty mouths and precious hands why would you write such things... Geez.. It's a pity."
Many supportive fans responded with messages of support and encouragement, telling Park Shin Hye to stay strong, claiming they are on her side. They also told her to disregard the hateful comments. However, one must wonder what the negative comments were about. According to Korean news site My Daily through KdramaStars, they were directed towards Shin Hye's image. Because of her struggles with weight during her awkward teen years, haters allege that Park Shin Hye has gone under the knife with plastic surgery.

Park Shin Hye has refuted such allegations, claiming she is a natural beauty. It should also be noted she is not alone in her defense. Many who've worked with her in the past are taking her side. Lee Won Suk -- who worked with Shin Hye as the director for The Royal Tailor -- is such a person. Won Suk has been thoroughly outspoken in supporting Shin Hye is indeed a natural beauty.

K-drama fans, especially those devoted to Park Shin Hye, hope this issue between her and her haters is quickly resolved. The type of comments the haters have left on her Instagram are extremely infantile in which they can be considered bullying.

[Featured Image via All About Korean Drama Website, Post Image via Park Shin Hye's Personal Instagram]