Bill Maher: ‘Obviously We Need A Carbon Tax’

On Friday’s Real Time With Bill Maher, talk show host Bill Maher brought up current events surrounding climate change and vehemently argued for a carbon tax.

“I know we talk about climate change a lot on this show, perhaps too much, but I’m sorry, the planet’s dying and I’m going to keep talking about it. This is just what I read this week:”

“The air in China kills 1.6 million people a year.”

“The sequoia trees, the oldest living things on Earth, over 3,000 years old some of them, and the biggest, and they’ve never really been in trouble through all that time, now they are.”

“The forest service used to spend 16-percent of their budget fighting forest fires, now its over half. There are now 29,000 forest fighters fighting over 100 fires. I mean, the state of California is literally sinking because the water has been tapped out of the ground so much. We’re not so much of a state as a fire pit at this point.”

“2014, the hottest year on record. 2015 looking to be hotter. The heat index in Iran reached 165, couple of weeks ago.”

Maher then expressed how he wishes someone on the left would — in the unapologetic spirit of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump — champion a carbon tax to combat climate change.

“I just wish there was someone on the left, a sane person on the left, who had what Donald Trump has. The ability to tough it out and say something like, ‘We just need a carbon tax.’ Because, obviously we need a carbon tax. And we don’t have that person on the left.”

Donna Edwards, a Democratic congresswoman who’s currently running for U.S. Senate, weighed in on Maher’s suggestion.

“When I first came into the congress we were trying to push forward, what I thought would have been, would have been a much more progressive way to approach climate change and that was part of the conversation. It’s not, now. But we have a whole bunch of people in the congress right now, especially in my side of the house on the so-called science committee who just deny that there’s any such thing as climate change.”

Maher then read and attacked Trump’s position on climate change.

“‘The concept of global warming was created by, and for, the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive’ Come on, Don, you keep saying your ‘smart, I’m the smart guy, I’m really, really smart.’ You can’t be both, you cannot have this position and be the smart guy.”

[Image via YouTube screengrab]