Wiz Khalifa Calls Foul, But It's All Good

We live in an age of new technologies; things are being invented that are beyond our ancestor's wildest dreams. As kids watching Back to the Future, we could only pray that someday some genius would invent a hoverboard and all would be good and right with the world. Wiz Khalifa is here to show us that while those geniuses exist, the world may not be ready. Hoverboards may be a thing of beauty but they can also be a source that draws negative outside force. Do you see what I did there? Forces, technology? This is the time we're living in, people.

Khalifa was hovering along in LAX airport on August 22 when police had to force him to the ground. His crime? Not being willing to get off his technological wonder (hover board). By his own admission, Wiz, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, refused to get off his board, prompting his being detained. The most recent video posted to his Instagram account shows the aftermath of the altercation. Time interprets Khalifa saying in the video, "This? I didn't do nothing, anyway. What you want to do? Put me in jail because I didn't listen to what you say? We can have all the conversations you want to, you can end up on TMZ, destined to become as famous as you wanna be."

In the first video Wiz posted you can hear the officers saying, "stop resisting," while Khalifa calmly, and somewhat properly, responds with, "I'm not resisting, sir."
According to KTLA 5, there has been no record of arrest connected to this incident, and the last tweet Wiz posted on the 22 had him saying that it was all good. Neither he nor his representation have said anything since regarding the incident, but when asked by CNN, U.S. Customs and Border Protection gave a general rundown of the rules instead of referring directly to the incident.
"U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) strives to treat all travelers with respect and in a professional manner, while maintaining the focus of our mission to protect all citizens and visitors in the United States. All travelers arriving into the U.S. are subject to CBP inspection, and for their own safety and the safety of other passengers, must follow officers' instructions while in the Federal Inspection Service area. CBP officers are conducting their critical national security mission while facilitating the entry of legitimate travelers. An uncompliant passenger or any disruptive behavior could put many at risk in this highly secure area."
Khalifa has supported and promoted hoverboards in the past and continues to now. Even going so far as saying that maybe someday he will have a hand in designing them. It looks like our teen dreams of becoming Marty McFly (or a female version of him) won't be far off. After all, Wiz says that it's the way of the future. You just can't stop forward momentum.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]