Samsung Will Take On Microsoft Surface Pro 4 With New Tablet Hybrid

Before Microsoft released the first Surface Pro 3 in early 2013, Samsung had the market covered with the Series 7 and Series 5 hybrid laptop/tablet devices. At the time, Mashable talked about the arrival of both of these hybrids.

“A big promise of Windows 8 is that your tablet and your PC can be the same device. Exactly how will that work? After seeing of intriguing possibilities, we’re starting to get a more firm idea with actual products like the Samsung Series 7 and Series 5 PCs.”

The Samsung hybrids had full HD screens, which was considered great for the end of 2012. They also had the same S Pen that existed on the Galaxy Note. Then, Samsung’s tablets were overshadowed by Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet and that’s not saying much since it took three generations of the Surface Pro for people to catch on. It appears that Samsung is not giving up on the laptop/tablet hybrid. TechRadar has the news.

“One prolific leaker is reporting that Samsung will release a 12-inch tablet to run on Windows 10 and as such provide solid competition to Microsoft’s line of Surface Pro and Surface slates.”

TechRadar adds that Samsung’s new tablet would have a 12-inch Super AMOLED display with a 2,560 x 1,600 pixel resolution. It’s possible that it may even have a 3,840 x 2,400 pixel resolution. The only problem is that instead of a full-powered processor, it may have Intel’s Core “M” processor and only 4GB of RAM. It will come with an updated S-Pen as well. After seeing how well the new S Pen works on the Galaxy Note 4, it could possibly be amazing for the new hybrid, which still doesn’t have a name.

Samsung’s new hybrid will have a tough time competing with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, which will hit stores in October. Last week, Tech Times revealed new information about the laptop/tablet hybrid.

“Among the speculated features, the MS Surface Pro 4 is said to come in 12-inch and 14-inch variants. The high-end variant of the tablet will reportedly cost around $1,300 and boast a 4K resolution screen and 16 GB of RAM.”

The article goes on to note that there may be a $500 base model with 4GB of RAM and an 8,600mAh battery. Social media lit up with the latest news, although some were suspicious because they thought Tech Times was just fanning the flames. However, the digital magazine has usually been correct in their information on products before they are officially announced. Do you think Samsung can make a device that competes with the Surface Pro? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Andrew Burton / Getty Images]