Ashley Madison Search Engine With Names, Emails, Dates Of Birth, Employers, And CC Names Online - FBI Notified As Users Beg For Privacy

The Ashley Madison search engine will not be named nor linked to in this article. However, it is an Ashley Madison search engine that is surely causing lots of fuss online on Sunday. With reports of an Ashley Madison suicide happening on Thursday, as reported by My San Antonio, those who are being readily exposed by the new Ashley Madison search engine are begging the website owners to take it down. Also, the website has been reported to the FBI Internet Crimes division and plenty of local authorities, as witnessed by commentators on the forum pages.

The Ashley Madison search engine includes a photo of a sexy woman giving the finger a la Ashley Madison style. Instead of a single index finger poised at her red lips, this woman puts up her middle finger. Indeed it is a big "F-U" to those who find their details exposed on the site -- the same folks who are begging for it to be taken down. Exact quotes from the search engine will not be listed in this article either, to prevent others from being able to find it prior to the Ashley Madison site coming down.

What's troubling, however, is just how easy it makes it for users to search for others on the Ashley Madison search engine, which is front and center at the top of the site. A person can simply search for anyone they want on the search engine -- and they don't even need to know the person's email address. They can search by first and last name, city, date of birth, and even by credit card name -- the latter of which is included on some records. Even if the person used a burner email address on Ashley Madison, which is an email address generally separate from the well-known ones a person uses, they could still be found by name.

The birth dates, along with the date the Ashley Madison account was created, is listed as well. Theoretically and in practice, a person can type in a city name in the search engine such as "Chicago" and see all the Chicagoans who are listed as Ashley Madison members. While some are railing against the search engine, others are mercilessly praising the Ashley Madison search engine -- with dangerous claims that they've already copied the resultant data to text files. Therefore, if the Ashley Madison search engine is shut down, no one knows how many users already have the info and are poised to post it elsewhere online.

Even searching by company turns up some employees on the Ashley Madison search engine, if the Ashley Madison users used their work email addresses. One man complains that the site has already gotten him fired -- and he's a man that's unmarried. Meanwhile, Ashley Madison faces a $578 million class action lawsuit, reports TIME‎.

[Image via Ashley Madison]