Husband Of Jelly Belly CEO Kills Guest At Family Reunion While Playing With WWII Tank

Dwayne Brasher, husband of Jelly Belly CEO Lisa Rowland Brasher, accidentally killed a guest during a family reunion while playing with a WWII tank. The Jelly Belly CEO’s father is a collector of WWII tanks calling them his “arsenal of democracy.” However, his arsenal proved deadly to his own family after a terrible accident at the candy mogul’s sprawling mansion. The accident took place as Brasher gave rides to guests on the vintage tank. An unnamed 54-year-old man lost his balance while riding on the tank and fell under the tank where he was instantly crushed.

The Daily Mail reports that the Jelly Belly CEO, Lisa Rowland Brasher, was at her father’s mansion for a family reunion when the accident took place. The CEO’s husband, Dwayne Brasher, was behind the wheel of the WWII tank when a guest lost his balance and tumbled over the edge. Before Brasher could stop the mammoth tank, the guest was crushed to death.

Guests were being offered rides on the tank as part of the reunion festivities. However, the event turned deadly when a terrible accident took place as guests enjoyed the war memorabilia. Guests at the reunion note that Brasher was offering rides to guests when the horrifying accident took place. Witnesses say that the tank was going downhill and hit a mound of dirt. The sudden jolt sent one of the passengers flying to the ground directly into the path of the tank. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency responders.

According to the Daily Republic, the Jelly Belly patriarch, Herman Rowland, has a large collection of vintage WWII relics on his property. In fact, the Jelly Bean chairman maintains an on-sight mechanic specifically for his WWII machines. However, Harman says there is good reason for keeping the war relics on his property in his aptly named “Tank Barn.” Rowland says he wants to show people the reasons why we are free.

He calls the collection his “arsenal of freedom” and says he has a great desire to “teach why we are free.” However, as the horrifying incident proves, these relics of war can still be deadly if not operated with care. Herman owns a number of WWII military vehicles and it was not made known exactly which vehicle was responsible for the family reunion guest’s death.

Do you think Brasher will be held liable for the death or was it a freak accident?

[Image Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail]