Casey Anthony Prosecutor Revealed In Ashley Madison Hack

It appears as though the latest Ashley Madison hack is bringing aspects of stories from the past few years out into the light. This time, it is one of the lawyers from the Casey Anthony trial, and you would probably not guess which one it was on the first try.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the man exposed by the Ashley Madison hack in this case was Jeff Ashton, who brought charges against Casey Anthony on behalf of the state of Florida. He and his team of prosecutors were unsuccessful in the conviction of Casey Anthony, because the defense simply better presented their case. Despite being caught having an Ashley Madison account, the Casey Anthony prosecutor has announced that he will not step down. He never followed through on an affair, and more importantly, he has committed no crime by simply having an Ashley Madison account. The former Casey Anthony prosecutor offered a statement at a press conference about his indiscretion on Sunday morning, August 23.

“I ask for the public’s forgiveness for my shortcomings, but those choices have had absolutely no impact on the performance of my official duties. I regret that I have given ammunition to those who seek to discredit the work our office does. I am proud of the work and what we have accomplished thus far. But today, I’m not very proud of myself.”

Ashton is not the only government official that has been busted in the hack of the Ashley Madison. According to the Orlando Sentinel, several government higher ups have been included, but no one of any particular note.

“[The breach revealed] at least two assistant U.S. attorneys, an information technology administrator in the White House’s support staff, a Justice Department investigator, a division chief, and a government hacker and counterterrorism employee at the Homeland Security Department.”

Florida has been a hotbed of horribly tragic criminal trials gaining national attention and becoming absolute circuses, and the Casey Anthony trial was no exception to this trend. It was a veritable parade of interesting characters. The media heavily focused on Casey Anthony’s parents, who were heavily involved with the investigation of Anthony’s missing daughter Caylee, who was later found deceased in Casey’s vehicle. Once the trial was under way, the media scrutiny moved from the parents of Casey Anthony to her lawyer, Jose Baez, who represented Anthony pro bono.

Jeff Ashton may not be stepping down now, but he holds a publicly elected office. We’ll see if the Casey Anthony prosecutor’s Ashley Madison account will hurt him when he is up for re-election.

[Video Courtesy of WESH 2 Orlando]