WWE News: Triple H Reacts To ‘Chris Benoit’ Chants At Last Night’s NXT Takeover Event

WWE fans are arguably the best fans in the world. Of course, that’s an opinion any sports fan could disagree with, but pro wrestling fans are an enigma. Instead of doing the right thing and rooting for a hometown team, everybody has a favorite wrestler in the WWE. Now, that’s not even including the Internet Wrestling Community, who is beyond explanation.

Wrestling has it’s history of tragedy. Two that come to mind are Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. Both took place within two years of themselves, but one was tragic and the other was an outrage. In normal sports, a man like Benoit would never be cheered. This is why the WWE is very different.

Chris Benoit is never cheered or even commended for what he did to himself and his family. However, his name and likeness is still talked about among the WWE Universe. The WWE erased him from history, but the fans have not.

To use a great example that took place last night at NXT Takeover, Chris Benoit’s name was brought up again. It wasn’t the WWE that pulled out his name, but rather the fans in attendance at the Barclays Center, and this time, Triple H responded. According to Ringside News, when Chris Benoit’s name came up last night, the COO attempted to silence the fans responsible immediately.

“As seen at NXT Takeover Saturday night, Triple H addressed the fans in attendance, and thanked them for attending the event. He also made an attempt to silence the crowd during the show’s intro so that he could give the illusion that he was in the arena alone.”

Triple H‘s attempt failed miserably and at one point several hecklers in the crowd started a ‘Chris Benoit‘ chant. A fan on Reddit noted that it was so loud that Triple H noticed it and told them, ‘that’s not funny, be quiet.’”

Even though NXT Takeover was a brilliant and masterful event, WWE fans had to come in and put a damper on the evening with a moment of ignorance. Even plenty of WWE main rosters were backstage. Yes, it’s popular to yell Chris Benoit when the WWE is around. Does that make it right?

The WWE has moved on from Benoit, and perhaps his name will be used again in the future. Triple H did the responsible thing by calling out the fans who were doing it just to get a rise out of the King of Kings. Luckily, NXT Takeover was a beautiful display of pro wrestling and sports entertainment, and that’s all that matters.

[Image via whatculture.com]