Candace Cameron Bure Dishes On How 'Full House' Costar Dave Coulier Played Matchmaker For Her And Hubby Valeri Bure

Lifetime's The Unauthorized Full House Story movie is not so far off in dishing on some truths about the 1990s sitcom's stars, including Candace Cameron Bure.

In an interview with Huffpost Live, Candace Cameron Bure confirmed that Dave Coulier played matchmaker for her and her husband, Valeri Bure by introducing them at a hockey game for charity in 1995.

As depicted in the movie, Coulier wasn't deliberately playing matchmaker, but he still had a role in bringing the couple together. Candace Cameron Bure says Coulier invited the whole cast to come watch the game and it was there that she met Bure.

Cameron told Huffington Post that she was immediately attracted to her now-husband when she saw him doing his thing on the ice. After the game, Coulier formally introduced the two and surprise, it turned out Bure was a huge Full House fan. In fact, the series helped the Russian learn English.
"(Coulier) was playing in a charity hockey game, and so he said, 'Hey, there are these two really good Russian hockey players.' It was Val and his brother Pavel [Bure]. He invited me to the game, he invited the whole cast, and I went with Lori Loughlin (who played Aunt Becky) and we sat there and were looking at these two really cute boys — two cute men, I guess — on the ice, and I was like, 'I want to meet that one, the blonde one,' which was Val. And that was it."
They hit it off so well that Cameron and Bure went on their first date the very next day. Within a year, they were engaged and the couple tied the knot on June 22, 1996.

It's been 20 years since then and Candace and Valeri are still happily married and are parents to three children.

As reported by Bustle, Valeri Bure was apparently so grateful for Dave Coulier's hand in their romance that he offered the actor, who plays Uncle Joey in Full House and is reprising the role in Netflix' reboot, Fuller House, a signed hockey stick that reads "Thanks for Candace" — a gift that Coulier treasures to this day.

Seems like saying yes to Dave Coulier's invitation to a hockey game changed Candace Cameron Bure's life forever and it's refreshing to see a 20-year Hollywood marriage still going strong.

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