Olsen Twins’ Plot To Rule The World Revealed In TV Movie

Olsen Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley were stars from the beginning of their time on the hit sitcom Full House, stealing scenes with cute one-liners and eventually going on to design their own tween clothing and accessory line, as well as starring in their own many straight-to-video movies. A recent television event on Lifetime showed viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like for the girls’ co-stars when they started to take over, and according to the movie, their television sisters were none too pleased when they began taking all the attention.

In the movie, which aired on Saturday, Jodie Sweetin’s character asks ruefully why the twins get invitations to talk shows despite their young age.

“How come they get invited on all of the talk shows?” she asks.

While it’s not unusual for young actors to feel twinges of jealousy or rivalry on set, there are several little-known facts about the show that have been revealed thanks to the movie, including that Comet the dog was played by Air Bud and that the Olsen twins were chosen to play Michelle because they were the only babies who didn’t cry during the audition…in other words, pure blind luck and a good nap likely played a big part in their multi-million dollar careers.

The Olsen twins almost quit the show after the first season, a decision on their parents’ part to try and ensure they had a normal childhood. But because Michelle was such a popular part of the hit show, the producers offered up quite a bit of money to get them to stay on. Lucky for them, their mom was swayed. According to People Magazine, the Olsen twins’ lawyer, Robert Thorne, negotiated their salaries from $4,000 per episode at the beginning to a whopping $80,000 per episode by the time the show ended, when they were just 8-years-old.

With the Full House reboot pending on Netflix, fans have been wondering whether the twins will show up, as most of the original cast has already committed to the show. However, it doesn’t look likely that they’ll return, and John Stamos–who plays Uncle Jesse–said in a recent statement that while he’s sad they won’t be joining the rest of the cast, he understands that they have other commitments.

“I understand they’re in a different place and I wish them the best,” Stamos said.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]