Zayn Malik Re-Breaks Perrie’s Heart, But It 'Skyrockets Her Career'?

It is not news that Zayn Malik has broken his ex-fiancee, Perrie Edwards', heart. However, the fact that he keeps doing it repeatedly has been one aspect of Zayn Malik's recent tirades that has the celebrities around him raising their eyebrows.

Interestingly, some news sources allege that Perrie Edwards might be feeding off of the tension caused by the breakup with Zayn Malik and has redirected that at Little Mix.

Over the third week of August, Zayn Malik was busy flirting with a new woman -- and he made sure that the whole world would find out about it. According to the Mirror, on August 18, Zayn Malik was attending Kylie Jenner's birthday party and his presence almost started a fight with Tyga.

Zayn Malik allegedly "favorited a sexy photo of Kylie Jenner" and then gave her a kiss on the cheek when he saw her. Supposedly, this made Tyga mad and he got in Zayn Malik's face about it.

Sending more heartbreak Perrie's way, Zayn Malik also allegedly made her cry on stage while she was performing. In short, Zayn Malik backed out of the love nest they were due to buy in London.

People reported on August 19 that Perrie Edwards started crying on stage during a performance at AOL in New York City. They stated, "The group was performing their new song,'The End,' when the lyrics seemed to hit too close to home for Edwards."

Is all of this malice toward the way Zayn is treating Perrie a signal of the end for Zayn Malik's career? Digital Spy reports on August 23 that rapper Example says that Zayn Malik is becoming an unwholesome role model.

The rapper named Example went on to compare Zayn Malik to Robbie Williams of the boy band, Take That. Connor Maynard has also been reported by MTV U.K. as being critical of Zayn Malik's new persona.

No matter what is actually happening between Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik, the Belfast Telegraph thinks she is using the negative attention to "skyrocket her career."

According to their August 23 report, insiders say Zayn Malik is not even giving Perrie Edwards a second look and that, "Zayn is in L.A. recording his solo album and he's lapping up life as a bachelor. He's already swapped numbers with a string of girls."

In the end, no one knows exactly what happened behind closed doors between Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. As for accusations that this breakup with Zayn Malik will "skyrocket" Perrie Edwards' career, it is clear from a recent E! Online report that Perrie Edwards and Little Mix are winning the Teen Choice Awards, with or without the former 1D star on their side.

[Feature image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images]