‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 9 Targets For Eviction Set Following Veto Win?

Big Brother 17 spoilers now reveal the Week 9 target for eviction. The BB17 house just had its latest Veto competition on Saturday, August 22, leading to even more drama taking place as Sunday, August 23, rolled around. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Austin Matelson is the Head of Household and Vanessa Rousso just won the Week 9 Veto. It puts all the power in one corner of the house, dictating that Vanessa and Austin are guaranteed safety again.

A report from fan site Big Brother Network relays just how much paranoia has taken over the BB17 house. The nominees this week are John McGuire and Steve Moses, with both thinking that safety is just around the corner. Austin promised it to both of them, convincing John that Vanessa or Steve is the target, and then convincing Steve that James Huling will be a “backdoor” target. Secretly, the plan was to get John out of the house as quickly as possible.

Now Vanessa is sure (or at least stating that she is) that John and Steve are working together. These Big Brother 17 spoilers point to a conversation that the pair was having. Vanessa saw it take place and felt that it went too long to just be a friendly chat. This created more paranoia for Austin when she relayed the information, and now she wants them both out in the next two eviction ceremonies.

The BB17 house is really chaotic right now, even though the end result is entirely too predictable. Austin Matelson, Liz Nola, and Julia Nolan are working to evict John McGuire. The rest of the house will likely fall in line in order to keep the target away from them. It’s not a bold move by any means, but it is a way for Austin to keep his main alliances pleased. It will likely lose him a shot at getting John’s vote from the jury, though, unless he winds up against Vanessa Rousso in the finale.

The next episode of the show isn’t going to cover any of this, even though producers may start using footage from the weekend to create the illusion these chats took place earlier. On Sunday night, CBS viewers will get to see the end of the Week 9 HOH competition, followed by the nomination ceremony. As for fans viewing the live feeds, the next round of Big Brother 17 spoilers should come out on Monday, August 24, when the Veto ceremony is officially held. This is when John McGuire and Steve Moses might finally realize how bad their situation has become.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]