Michigan Dog Becomes Surrogate To Baby Deer, Pair Is Inseparable

Odd animal companions have long fascinated humans, especially when the pairs seem to represent natural enemies. That is why a Michigan dog and fawn have been turning heads in a small community over the last month.

Covert, Michigan, has become a viral focus after Nala the dog decided to become a surrogate mother to a small fawn that seems to have lost his mother at some point. Since the pair have been together, they are virtually inseparable.

WWMT reported on the story, speaking to Nala’s owner, Tania Villegas. She was surprised to see Nala and the fawn become such great friends, wondering why Nala chose to protect the baby deer.

“They have a pretty strong relationship. Usually deer stay away from people, but this little baby deer likes to follow Nala.”

WFMZ TV Channel 69 also shared the video, allowing Nala and her deer their fifteen minutes of fame to be spread across the country.

Dale Clayton, a resident of the neighborhood, was astonished to see such a tightly bonded friendship formed between Nala and the fawn. He could not believe that the pair was brave enough to walk up to him, so he grabbed his video camera to record the sight, hoping others would believe him with the proof.

“It was like they walked right up to me. I was totally amazed, the little deer still had its spots, it’s very young.”

Although he was amazed at the companionship between the unlikely pair, he was more astonished that an animal has the capacity to actually choose a friendship, even when they are natural enemies.

The story went viral after Nala went for a walk, a normal occurrence, but was reported to police after she and the fawn were spotted on M-140 and were feared to be in danger. Officer Jason Gardner responded to the call and found the pair out for their stroll. He grabbed Nala and guided her home, followed closely by the small fawn. He was amazed at the attention Nala was giving the fawn.

“The dog was actually licking on the deer and cleaning on the deer like it was her mother.”

Although the whereabouts of the fawn’s mother is unknown, Villegas and Clayton know that Nala will do her best to take care of the fawn unto officials from the DNR can take the baby deer to an animal sanctuary, where it will be safe to grow up with other deer.

[Photo Courtesy Dale Clayton via video Screen Capture]