Bruce Hart Says WWE Is Exploiting Owen Hart’s Legacy

WWE is moving forward with plans to release a DVD and Blu-Ray set on the life and career of the late Owen Hart, despite public objections from Owen’s widow, Martha. When asked about the upcoming release, Bruce Hart feels that the decision could be exploiting his late brother.

During an interview this week with The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling, Hart was asked about the upcoming Owen Hart DVD and Blu-Ray release. Hart commented that he hopes profits from the video set go to charity or are given to Owen’s widow, Martha, for her to give to charity.

“The fact they are talking about doing a DVD or some d**n thing, I would hope that if they do choose to do that, they choose to give the money to charity or give it to Owen’s wife and let her give it to charity. I always hate to sound like one of these em-bittered or some kind of outsider denouncing something because I may be not in it but that’s not really the case. I’ve seen a lot of injustices and things that don’t sit right with me and I think one of the problems with the wrestling business these days all too many people from the wrestling fraternity have this flickering unrealistic notion that I better not say anything detrimental or negative about anyone in Connecticut because it might jeopardize their job security. I suspect that 99% of those poor b*****ds would if given the time of day. For all intents and purposes I feel that WWE should be endeavoring to do what’s right for the wrestling fan-base.”

The hosts from Two Man Power Trip went on to ask Hart about the way that WWE often times coincides these DVD and Blu-Ray releases with upcoming WWE Hall of Fame inductions. Hart called this “exploitative and materialistic.” Hart went on to talk about WWE being apprehensive to induct Owen into the Hall of Fame due to potential backlash from his wife, Martha Hart. Bruce believes that WWE could stem off some of this backlash if they inducted Owen in the same class as Billington and Smith.

“… they gave me some kind of lame rational about Owen and being apprehensive about Martha. I said that it would be that much easier for you guys if you are going to induct Owen that you induct him in the same class in the triage of Davey and Dynamite. They are all kind of from the same, Stampede Wrestling, Owen and Davey were a tag team, quite often Davey was a part of the Hart Foundation like when they did that thing in 97. It would be that much easier if you inducted them all together and then you have less backlash from Martha if you maybe just inducted Owen individually and it looked like you have more grounds to bitch about it and claim you are exploiting Owen.”

Bruce Hart went on to say that he didn’t receive a response from WWE about this suggestion.

When asked about the relationship between WWE and his family, Bruce lamented that he is pleased that they have started to build a bridge to repairing the relationship in recent years. He remarked being pleased with his father Stu’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Later in the interview, Hart was asked about Hulk Hogan being booted out of the WWE Hall of Fame, Bret’s match with Vince at WrestleMania 26, booking the Stampede Wrestling territory, and much more. You can check out the full interview at The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling’s website.

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