New And Old Acne Treatments Reviewed: Onexton Gel, Probiotic Gluten-Free Diets And Other Acne Cures [Video]

Now that Valeant’s Onexton Gel has gotten FDA Approval for acne, as reported by Yahoo News, those who’ve watched the popular Onexton gel commercial wonder how well the gel treats acne. Some dermatologists are prescribing the Onexton gel for users to place on their faces in a pea-sized amount in the morning after washing their faces. Onexton can be used beneath sunscreen, moisturizer, and makeup – and certain acne gels like Onexton can cause sun sensitivity, so users are warned to avoid sun lamps and tanning beds while using the new gel.

Users on are reporting their Onexton experiences, as dermatologists warn that acne treatments should be given weeks or months to take effect. Dermatologists are also beginning to create helpful YouTube videos to assist users on using acne gels like Onexton.

Plenty of times, dermatologists have combined Onexton with other creams like Atralin or Ziana to help mild or moderate (and perhaps even severe acne) that users can apply — either at night or in the morning, based on the gel — to help cure their acne. Users report the dryness that acne creams and gel might cause, and as such, those users have created YouTube tutorials showing how to combat dryness and fight oil.

The urine therapy acne treatment and OCM, or oil-cleansing method, of cleaning faces have also been bandied about by those desperate to do anything to get rid of their acne. The jury is still out on those acne treatments, and at times, those who’ve experienced acne try a number of methods to cure their faces and bodies of pimples.

Along with acne medications or a variety of gels prescribed by dermatologists to help fight their acne, users discover that cleaning up their diets can at times help with fighting acne. Determining hormone levels and any issues that need to be cleaned up are another prospect that helps cure acne. Additionally, elimination diets that help people discover any foods that might be triggering the acne can go a long way toward providing acne cures.

Some users discover that giving up dairy or nuts or seafood helps clear up their acne. Drinking live probiotic juices, like those from GoodBelly, have helped some clear their acne and any “leaky gut” links. Going gluten-free has helped others, along with reports of increasing Vitamin D intake in a gluten-free manner.

All in all, those who’ve sought acne cures learn that sometimes a combination of all of the above acne cures and others not mentioned help cure their acne.

[Image via Onexton]