'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ava Jerome's Cover May Be Exposed, But Did She Really Kill Silas Clay?

Ava Jerome has been running around on General Hospital disguised as her twin sister, Denise DeMucchio. While a few people already know who she is, the rest of Port Charles will finally find out her secret. ABC revealed a sneak peek at what is coming up, and it looks like she may end up breaking down in court and tell everyone, including her daughter, Kiki, that she is not dead after all. Of course, this could just be a teaser, and everyone will find out later on.

The real killer of Silas Clay has yet to be exposed, but Franco is on trial right now, as the knife that was used in the murder was found in his backpack at the time of his arrest. Franco believes that Ava killed Silas, but is keeping his mouth shut because Ms. Jerome has a photo of his girl, Nina Clay, holding the knife over Silas. What a tangled web that has been woven on General Hospital! Of course, it is way too easy for the killer to be Franco, Ava, or Nina at this point.

On Friday's cliffhanger, Scott Baldwin has another DNA test in his hot little hands that proves without a doubt that Denise is really Ava Jerome. How did he get the evidence for the new DNA test? Even though that piece of information has not been revealed just yet, it looks like Liesl Obrecht pulled a fast one on Ava when she took a glass of hers from her apartment when Ava and Julian weren't looking. Dr. O sure is a clever fox.

However, if Ava Jerome's true identity is exposed, it doesn't look good for Nina. She is currently in the mental hospital waiting for word on Franco's trial. Or maybe Ms. Jerome will be too busy trying to explain things to Kiki on why she was running around posing as her daughter's aunt. The spoilers now say that Julian Jerome will let Alexis in on the secret that Denise is really Ava. His sister may just have to run for the hills before Alexis gets hold of her.
Did Ava Jerome really kill her ex? The general idea is that she killed him in the heat of the moment because Silas was going to expose her and the relationship she had with her daughter's boyfriend, Morgan Corinthos. Silas was the one that saved Ava's life at the hospital in New York City, so it is highly unlikely that she really did the deed. Morgan is also a suspect, but that is probably not likely, either.

Some of the General Hospital rumors that have come up since Silas was killed have mentioned that it will be someone quite unexpected. One of the two major contenders is Nina's mother, Madeline. She is mean and devious, and would do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Soap Opera Spy posted a few good reasons on why she is in the running as being the killer.

There is also someone else that would really throw a curve into this story line. Maybe Silas' daughter, Kiki Jerome, actually stabbed him in the back. Wouldn't that surprise Ava Jerome and the rest of Port Charles? Kiki would end up switching places with Nina Clay in the mental hospital, but their stay is always short-term in the world of soaps.

Stay tuned to see if Ava Jerome will be really be exposed on Monday's episode of General Hospital. She is very clever, and may just temporarily talk herself out of having her cover blown.

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images]