Maryland Man Dead After Being Shot By Officer, Witnesses Say He Wasn’t Armed

A Maryland man was shot dead by a trooper after attempting an arrest.

On Friday night at 9 p.m., 30-year-old Charles Hall allegedly resisted arrest outside Walmart at the Northeast Plaza, and arresting officer Daryl Brackett ended his life with a shot.

According to police reports, via the Guardian, Hall had a history of drug offenses and was on a three-year probation for theft. Brackett was at a nearby auto parts store answering a call when he recognized Hall, as he is on the wanted list at the Cecil County Sheriff’s office. Police say that Hall resisted the arrest and got into his car in an attempt to get away from the police. That’s when he was shot dead.

A spokesperson from the Maryland State Police, Greg Shipley, stated what ensued that night, via a report from CBS Baltimore.

“He advised him he was under arrest, the man refused to submit, resisted and a physical altercation began between the wanted person and the trooper.”

The altercation moved into Hall’s vehicle, and Shipley said that the wanted man was able to insert his car keys into the ignition.

“So the trooper during this struggle as the vehicle was accelerating fired his department issued pistol and fatally wounded this individual.”

Charles Hall was pronounced dead at the scene.

Witnesses at the scene, however, say that Brackett is a murderer, as noted in a report from Alternative Media Syndicate. Several people at the scene took out their phones after the incident and recorded the aftermath of the altercation and the shot that ended Hall’s life.

One eyewitness said, “They murdered his a**. Shot him right in the face.”

Another man, who recorded the scene after the shooting, said, “It’s crazy, He was unarmed! He was not f***ing armed!”

One of the people who arrived after at Walmart after the shooting was Tracey Lee. She was there together with her son Eric, 12. According to Tracey, she heard different versions of the story that night.

“I saw all the lights and police and knew something big was happening. I heard three different stories about what happened. I don’t know if any of them are right. All I know is a man is dead and he’s laying in the parking lot, and I feel terrible for his family. It’s a shame.”

In one of the videos, which can be seen below, a woman can be heard screaming at the police. “You’re a murderer!” The woman, apparently, was Hall’s wife.

Witnesses also discussed what had transpired in the video.

One asked, “Is he colored?”

Another man answered, “No, he’s white, I think. That don’t even matter, that don’t even matter.”

A third man can be heard saying, “Cause it don’t matter, he was human.”

Brackett was placed on administrative leave after the incident while an investigation on the incident is ongoing. According to Shipley, they are still processing evidence and taking witness statements before they present the case for review to the Cecil County State Attorney.

[Image via Pixabay]