Man Has Wedding 4 Months Early Due To Cancer Diagnosis, Funeral Held On Original Wedding Date

Solomon Chau and Jennifer Carter began planning their dream wedding in April of 2014. The 26-year-olds were excited about beginning their lives together and scheduled their big day for August 2015. However, their plans were shattered in December of 2014 when Solomon was diagnosed with liver cancer. After a seemingly “successful” surgery, Solomon’s cancer returned with a vengeance and the diagnosis was grim. The soon-to-be groom was told the cancer was terminal and that there was nothing left to be done. Instead of throwing in the towel on their wedding plans, the couple moved their wedding date up by four months and planned to live out Solomon’s remaining days as husband and wife. The couple did just that and Solomon passed away peacefully with Jennifer by his side earlier this week. His funeral was held August 22, 2015, the date the couple had originally planned to tie the knot.

The Daily Mail reports that 26-year-old Solomon Chau asked his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Carter, also 26, to marry him in April of 2014. The couple quickly began planning their dream wedding and the date was set for August of 2015. However, in December of 2014, everything would change for the young couple. Solomon was diagnosed with liver cancer. Doctors removed the cancer through a surgical procedure, but shortly after the surgery, the cancer returned. The doctors informed Solomon that there was nothing more they could do and that the cancer was terminal.

The young couple was faced with unimaginable tragedy but decided to continue their plans of marriage. However, with the news that Chau’s decline would be rapid, the couple decided to move their wedding date up to April of 2015 instead of waiting until August. The couple turned to crowdfunding to secure the finances needed to have the dream wedding early and officially tied the knot on April 11, 2015.

“Hundreds donated more than $50,000 to throw a hastily arranged wedding at Casa Loma and give the couple a head start on their cherished, eroding time together as husband and wife.”

According to the Toronto Star, the pair’s time as husband and wife was short-lived. The pair would have just 128 days together as newlyweds before Solomon would pass away peacefully with Jennifer by his side on August 17, 2015. Jennifer laid her new husband to rest on August 22, 2015, the same date that the couple had originally planned to wed.

Despite the tragic circumstances, Jennifer says that she is forever in Solomon’s debt for showing her what love really is despite their short time as husband and wife.

“I’m forever in your debt for showing me what love really is all about, and we learned more about it at 26 than some will learn in a lifetime. You and I should have been able to live the next 60 years of our lives together, but I’m still forever thankful that God gave us 8 incredible years. You’re everything I could have asked for in a husband and more, and you’ll always have my heart.”

[Image Credit: Facebook/ Solomon Chau]