Michael Jackson Charity Event In Indiana Gives To Children In Need

Leigh Egan

For the sixth year in a row, the Michael Jackson charity event, hosted by his mother, Katherine Jackson, was held on Friday and Saturday this weekend in his hometown of Gary, Indiana.

NWI reports that the event, known as the I Can't Stop Loving You Charity Event, featured an array of festivities and musical concerts at Gary, Indiana's Genesis Convention Center. Although the charity is a celebration of Jackson's August 29 birth date, a spokeswoman for the event, Mel Moore, stated it was held a week earlier since Katherine wanted it to coincide with school starting back.

Starting the event a week early gives the Jackson family a chance to help out needy children with supplies before they return to their classes. Moore indicated that Katherine wanted to make sure the children had their necessary supplies prior to walking into school.

"With Michael Jackson being a legend and being from Gary, Mrs. Jackson wants to give back to the community. The children of Gary were very important to him."

The music line-up consisted of Mannish and the Futrell Boys, Fifth Harmony, Los Angeles-based dance quartet Girl, Joshua Ledet, Gary's Roosevelt High School band, and numerous others.

Fans traveled from around the world to attend the charity event, including three women from Germany who are members of Malibu Fan Club. One of the members, Jenny Fulimani, stated that she was excited to see where it all began for the King of Pop, including the small home he grew up in.

"It's crazy to see where it all began. How did they all manage?"
"When he danced, it was like watching God's feet dancing. He was an amazing talent."

To see photos and learn more about the Michael Jackson charity events, visit Katherine Jackson's official website.