‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Is Intentionally Not Showing You Some Things

Fear the Walking Dead is in an interesting situation. The show is basically the prequel of the ultra-popular show, The Walking Dead, but Fear has to make sure it doesn’t do anything to ruin the interest in the program that will be taking to the airwaves a few months after the prequel’s debut. Got all that? Probably not, considering it’s a situation that rarely, if ever happens in broadcast television.

Usually, when you have a prequel, or sequel hit the airwaves, it’s long after the original story has wrapped up. Because things are quite different for the AMC shows, both programs have to be handled quite a bit differently. In order to do this, Fear the Walking Dead will answer some questions that have been plaguing fans of the Robert Kirkman series, while leaving some very much unanswered. While we will finally get to see what the world from the comic book story looked like as the zombie apocalypse began, Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter that we won’t get to see the actual cause.

Kirkman also said that Fear the Walking Dead won’t really show any scenes of the government or military trying to fix the problem. The showrunner said that he wants the show to take the kind of “blue collar” approach that the original has taken. While not showing the government stepping in might seem counter intuitive for an origin story about the recently deceased getting up and moving, it will make it that much easier not to divulge just how this has happened.

As Forbes points out, the show is one that will get off to a slow and tense start. That alone should help viewers understand how something like this situation won’t become so easily known among the general populace until it’s much too late. Kirkman also made it clear that there aren’t going to be any cameos from the original cast. Fear the Walking Dead takes place on the West Coast. The original takes place on the East Coast. Because of this, you shouldn’t expect to see anyone you’ve already seen pop up here. While this series starts as a prequel and will eventually run nearly concurrently, it’s also one that is set to stand on its own.

Finally, the showrunner says we won’t be seeing zombies that are easy to kill. The zombies in this show are fresher and therefore their skulls haven’t had a chance to soften. Kirkman says one of the things you will see is why these creatures were able to overrun the world. People will struggle to put them down in Fear the Walking Dead in a way they didn’t in the original series.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]