October 20, 2017
Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Sam Bradford A Fantasy Football Star Again?

Philadelphia Eagles rumors shine a lot of positive light on Sam Bradford. Fantasy football owners will want Bradford during the 2015 NFL season, if his performance on Saturday, August 22, is any indication of what's to come from him. A report from CBS Sports expounds on his first game action for the Eagles, which came against the Baltimore Ravens. While it was just one series of work, head coach Chip Kelly has to be excited about what his new starting quarterback displayed.

On the day, Bradford finished 3-for-5 in passing attempts, finished with 35 yards through the air. It was the cornerstone of a 12-play, 84-yard touchdown drive for the Eagles. The offense looked really good, key players came up big to extend the drive, and the Eagles finished it off with a touchdown. Recovering from a second ACL surgery, Bradford was taken out after that single drive. Kelly made a smart move, especially after Bradford took two really big hits (one late and low).

There is only really good news to report on in regards to this game, and it seems really clear that Philadelphia Eagles rumors about Sam Bradford being "back" have been proven. He hasn't really been relevant in fantasy football since the 2012 NFL season, when Bradford passed for 3,702 yards and 21 touchdowns with the St. Louis Rams. Now he might be ready to lead the Eagles deep into the postseason.

Bradford came into the NFL with a lot of promise, but several injuries have really derailed him from that path. He missed six games in the 2011 NFL season, nine games in 2013, and then the entire 2014 regular season. Bradford has actually only played in 49-of-78 possible games since being drafted in the 2010 NFL Draft by St. Louis. Now he might have his best chance at success with an Eagles team that definitely plays to his strengths on the field.

While a career record of 18-30-1 for an NFL quarterback is not very good, Bradford has also played for some pretty bad teams. None of his Rams squads were as talented as the 2015 Eagles, so it gives him a great shot at possibly throwing for 4,000 yards for the first time in his career. Previous Philadelphia Eagles rumors indicate that coach Chip Kelly will use him a lot in the passing game, but having someone like DeMarco Murray in the backfield certainly won't hurt. As for Bradford's value in fantasy football, it has never been higher than it is right now.

[Image Source: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]