‘Deez Nuts’ Endorses Bernie Sanders For Presidential Nomination

It’s hard to even read with a straight face, not to mention discuss with others, but the story of a teenage boy who calls himself “Deez Nuts,” who is hopeful to become president, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, is in full swing and has gone viral. That’s twenty years shy of the regulations set in place for minimal age for president of the United States, but it has not stopped Mr. Nuts from commanding a single digit but solid following.

Mr. Nuts is actually a 15-year-old teen from Iowa named Brady Olson, according to In These Times. He filed with the FEC to run for president on July 26 but did not give his age. Interestingly, according to Public Policy Polling, he has won the support of nine percent of voters in North Carolina, eight percent in Iowa, and seven percent in Minnesota. That’s a small but very real percentage — enough that it could split up votes among eligible candidates.

On Friday, the rogue candidate announced via his Facebook page who he supports in the primary election — and Donald Trump did not make the cut. Olson still is espousing that he should be voted for in the general election, but has different feelings about the primary, according to his Facebook page, and as reported by Raw Story.

“This is not for the general election, I endorse myself for the GE. For the Republican nomination, my endorsement goes to Ohio governor John Kasich.”

He also stated that he supported Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders. He stated that he completely agrees with him on social issues and even on some fiscal issues.

Google Trends posted graphs Friday showing that interest in Deez Nuts had overtaken the frontrunners for both political party nominations after the survey’s release, gaining more attention and Google hits than Clinton and Trump as of Friday. He also surpassed Sanders in Google hits with online popularity between Wednesday and Friday.

While it is absolutely certain he cannot be elected President due to the age regulation, it’s interesting to note that he does have a significant following. Why that is occurring is something that sociologists are looking at. Some believe it’s simply because it’s so out of the ordinary, but others believe that someone young and unjaded may actually be the best person for the job. Some have stated that they are sick of typical political campaigns and admire a young man from a small town of less than two hundred that has the gumption to put himself out there.

[Photo by WNCT]