Misha Collins: ‘Supernatural’ Actor Mugged And Assaulted In Minnesota

Supernatural actor Misha Collins was reportedly mugged and assaulted in Minnesota on Friday, EW reports. Collins, who plays the angel Castiel on the long-running CW series, opposite Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, was in town to take part in a Supernatural convention celebrating the show’s 10th anniversary when he was attacked in Minneapolis. The 41-year-old star was absent from the show’s panel on Saturday. Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder informed the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he was aware of rumors, but had yet to be notified of any crime report involving Collins.

Collins’ assault was not revealed until after the MinnConn convention. His former co-star Richard Speight, Jr. only made a brief announcement during the panel that something had happened to Collins without sharing any additional details about the unfortunate event, piquing fans’ concerns.

Misha Collins co-star, Sebastian Roché, who is known for his role as Balthazar, also voiced his support for the star on Twitter.

Former Supernatural actor Osric Chau also tweeted his support, encouraging concerned fans to donate to Collins’ charity, Random Acts. In turn, fans also took to Twitter using the hashtag #WeLoveYouMisha to show their support. It was later revealed by Collins’ co-star Jim Beaver (aka Bobby Singer) via his Facebook page:

“My buddy and Supernatural colleague Misha Collins was followed out of a restaurant in Minneapolis by three men last night and beaten and robbed. He’s all right, more or less, with some stitches and a fat lip.”

Beaver added, “He’s going on with his photo ops at the Supernatural convention he’s attending this weekend…I hope this clears things up a bit for those who’ve been inquiring.”

Beaver later deleted his comments while Collins updated his fan base that he only sustained “minor scrapes,” but was fine following the assault prior to the convention.

Additional details in regards to Misha Collins’ assault has yet to be released as of late, but the beloved star, who is very active with his fans on social media, is sure to follow-up with additional details.

[Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage]