San Antonio Woman’s Body Stolen From Funeral Home

A San Antonio woman’s body was stolen from her coffin shortly after her funeral earlier this month.

Julie Mott, born in Fort Worth and living in San Antonio, died in her sleep due to complications from cystic fibrosis. According to My San Antonio, her funeral was held on August 15th, which would have been her 26th birthday.

Family members described the San Antonio woman as passionate, bright, and a pleasure to be around. She was devoted to her family and had a love for horses.

Mott’s funeral was held at Mission Park Funeral Home in San Antonio. It concluded at around 1:30 p.m. The funeral home was then closed, and locked, at roughly 4:30 p.m. The owner of the funeral home, Mr. Tips, told WOAI that they left her casket in the hallway of the locked building at that time.

Any usual story about a funeral would end with the body being taken to a cemetery in San Antonio and the dearly departed being buried in the city she loved.

Unfortunately, that is not the case here.

When funeral home employees opened the business the next day, they found that Julie Mott’s body was gone.

“This is a family business of five generations, and I just am not believing that this is happening,” Mr. Tips said.

The San Antonio Police Department is looking for any leads that will help them track down and capture the person, or people, responsible. Meanwhile, the Mission Park Funeral Home is offering a $20,000 reward for any information that leads to the recovery of the body.

Aside from Twitter, the San Antonio Police Department also took to Facebook with their plea for help.

“25-year-old Julie Mott passed away after a long bout with Cystic Fibrosys. On August 15th, her family held a funeral for her at Mission Park North Funeral Chapel on Cherry Ridge Dr. It is believed that, in the hours after the funeral service, someone came into the funeral home and stole her remains. [San Antonio Police Department Intelligence] is investigating the case, and is asking for anyone with information to call 210-225-TIPS (8477). Mission Park has offered a $20,000 reward to anyone with information which leads to the recovery of Julie’s remains.”

This is not the first time a woman’s body was stolen in Texas.

In 1994, Melinda Ann Lee was killed by a drunk driver. Much like Julie Mott, she was in her 20s and had blonde hair. Shortly after she was buried in Lubbock, which is roughly 400 miles north of San Antonio, her grave was opened and her was body stolen.

Lee’s body was found soon after on the side of a South Dallas road.

[ Images courtesy of Facebook ]