Florida Gun Range Approved To Serve Booze In Connected Restaurant By City Council [Video]

A Florida man plans to open a gun range that will be connected to a restaurant serving booze and food this November — and Daytona Beach, Florida, is allowing it. City planners are of course concerned that the gun range has been given the green light to open its doors; however, range owner Ron Perkinson assuaged those concerns. The name of the gun range-slash-booze-serving restaurant will be Volusia Top Gun.

According to Fox News, despite concerns, Daytona Beach, Florida, city commissioners almost unanimously approved a petition that allows the twelve-lane gun range to serve booze to patrons. There was one detractor, Commissioner Ruth Trager, who pointed out whether the Florida gun range owner would be able to tell if a patron was sober or if they were a felon, reports the Daytona Beach News-Journal. Other commissioners on the council were initially “leery,” with one council member, Commissioner Pam Woods, stating “I’ve gone back and forth on this.” Woods later cast a yes vote to allow the Florida gun range to serve booze in the restaurant. A second councilman said, “I was leery,” but the council decided to allow the gun range to serve food and booze after Florida resident Ron Perkinson assured them that he’ll implement strict safety rules that will keep booze and guns separate.

According to Fox News, the Florida man will require any patron planning to drink booze to swipe their identification. Those patrons will then be unable to enter the gun range. He also plans to enforce a rule that includes, “if you drink, you can’t shoot for the rest of the day and that if anyone in your group drinks, none can shoot,” reports Fox News. Perkinson told the council that he plans to run an upscale restaurant, not just a booze joint, but needs to sell alcohol in order to make the restaurant profitable.

The Daytona Beach News Journal reports that the city council pointed out that the strict regulations the Florida man will enforce are actually a step up from those required by other shooting ranges that don’t serve alcohol. Commissioner Rob Gilliland said that no other gun range has had a problem with even fewer rules, and this business is “a very unique opportunity,” and similar businesses have “proven in other parts of the country [serving booze in a restaurant connected to a gun range is] safe.” Customers can bring their own guns to the range or rent one on site.

[Image credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images News]