Lung Cancer Patient Told To ‘Prepare For Death,’ Recovers Fully Thanks To A Second Opinion

A lung cancer patient told to “prepare for death” by his doctor made a full recovery after getting a second opinion.

The 80-year-old man, known only as “Mr. S,” was told by a doctor at Warrington Hospital in the U.K. that he would never survive a surgery to combat his lung cancer. He was told to “prepare for death” because the lung cancer was terminal.

Mr. S decided to get another opinion and underwent radiotherapy to treat his lung cancer. He made a full recovery and is cancer-free, according to the Echo.

Mr. S complained to the National Health Service (NHS), the U.K.’s healthcare system, about the first diagnosis he had received. The NHS is funded publicly and is free for all legal U.K. residents to use. In response, the ombudsman found that the hospital “did not follow relevant guidance,” and that Mr. S suffered “considerable shock and anguish.”

According to the Mirror, Warrington Hospital has since apologized to Mr. S about its actions in regard to the treatment of his lung cancer. It claims it considered its practices and “took necessary action regarding its planned treatment of lung cancer.”

The new ombudsman report shows Mr. S isn’t alone in scary cases of alleged malpractice and mistakes. Over 120 complaints were filed with the NHS and other government agencies.

One man lost his belongings after he was rushed to Whiston Hospital after being found in the street with a head injury. He lost his cell phone, glasses, and a jacket, but the hospital claimed it had no record of him arriving with a cell phone or glasses. The hospital did not access its CCTV footage to take care of the incident, ruled the ombudsman, and the man received an apology.

One woman ruptured her Achilles tendon but was misdiagnosed with a ligament injury. As a result, the woman now needs surgery to repair the injury, and the incident has caused her “distress, pain and inconvenience.” That incident occurred at Merseyside GP surgery and was a result of the failure of two doctors.

Mr. S, the man who recovered fully from lung cancer after being told he would die because he would not make it through the treatments, is a prime example of the value of second opinions.

Of course, not all second opinions result in a miraculous recovery from very serious illnesses. However, if something doesn’t feel right about a diagnosis, then a second opinion is always warranted.

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