Kanye West Raves About ‘Adventurous’ Sex Life With Pregnant Kim Kardashian

Mike Bessler

Forget common sense tenets like Murphy's Law and Occam's Razor, because Kanye West has crafted a new standard for everyday life that might well be called "Kimye's Rule." Succinctly stated, it's the premise that when it comes to Kim and Kanye, there's no such thing as too much information. Kim Kardashian, pregnant with the power couple's second child, is an adherent to the constructs of Kimye's Rule as well. Nothing is off limits, from almost-naked booty pics to details of their seemingly insatiable sex life.

Kanye West talked up his sexual escapades with Kim most recently, according to a report by celebrity news repository Hollywood Life. The site quoted an unnamed source who recounted West's rave reviews of his boudoir exploits with his famous wife.

"Kanye wishes Kim could be pregnant all year long … They have the most adventurous and crazy sex when she's pregnant."
"He loves bumping and grinding with Kim when she's pregnant. ''He loves caressing her pregnant body with oils."

Haters can knock their techniques until the cows come home but at the end of it all, Kim and Kanye achieved their desired result, as the two are currently expecting their second child.

In just a short decade or so, the progeny of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be old enough to search the web at will, and it's a sure thing that they'll eventually run across these accounts of their folks gushing about that thing that "mommies and daddies do when they love each other very much." Is that a better way to find out about the birds and the bees than all the kids who learned the way of the world around school lunch tables and through whispered conversations on the playground? The world won't know for sure until Kimye's kids get their own reality show someday.

[Image via E! Online]