Donald Trump Lends His Support To Tom Brady, Calls Him A Great Friend Who’s A Grossly Mistreated Victim Of The Deflategate Scandal

Donald Trump spoke in favor of Tom Brady and called his treatment at the hands of NFL “ridiculous”.

U.S. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has now voiced his opinion about the way NFL has treated Tom Brady, one of the players involved in the infamous Deflategate scandal. Speaking about how NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was wrong to suspend Brady, Trump said,

“I think it’s ridiculous the way they’ve treated him. He’s a friend of mine, he’s a great friend of mine, he’s a great guy, and I think it’s ridiculous the way they’ve treated him. To spend $10 million in legal fees, and now it’s probably higher than that, it’s crazy. He’s a great star. They ought to go back to playing football. This country has bigger problems.”

Tom Brady is currently facing a four-game suspension for allegedly knowing about the under-inflation of footballs and not cooperating with the investigation. Brady has strongly maintained that he knew nothing about the underinflating of balls and challenged the suspension by dragging the NFL to court. The judge, who seems convinced Tom Brady isn’t as guilty as the NFL makes him out to be, initially urged the two parties to sort out their differences amicably and later even slammed the league for the suspension.

Though the decision about the suspension may arrive as soon as next month, Donald Trump must have thought it was time he voiced his concern about the treatment meted out to Tom Brady. Interestingly, Trump, too, is hoping the decision arrives soon and is in favor of Brady as his fantasy football team depends on it, reported Sporting News.

Besides supporting Tom Brady, Trump even added that the NFL star would be his first pick,

“Tom Brady is just a great guy and I always take Tom Brady. I have taken him for years. If you’ve done some friendly bets on Tom Brady you’ve done very well.”

It might be good for Brady to see such support from a presidential candidate. Apart from the Deflategate scandal, Brady is also facing turmoil on the home front. Despite the kind words from Trump, some observers can’t help but suspect if Donald Trump’s vociferous and outright support for Brady is a ruse to get some additional media attention. The presidential race is heating up and Donald Trump has never missed an opportunity to ensure his views, no matter how seemingly outrageous, are heard. By weighing in on the ongoing and hotly debated topic, is Trump trying desperately to stay in the limelight?

[Image Credit | Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images]