‘Save A Life, Kill A Cop’ Graffiti In Tennessee Painted Over, Police Looking For Vandal

Police in West Nashville are hoping the image of a white trailer that was vandalized with the phrase, “Save A Life, Kill A Cop” will draw some leads regarding the graffiti artist. The image was first shared by WTVF and quickly shared among neighboring news stations in hopes the criminal will be caught so more hate-filled messages against the authorities are not spread.

WREG News Channel 3 was one of the stations to share the image that appeared Wednesday morning, much to the dismay of the neighborhood residents.

The Nashville police department is not only shocked, but dismayed that someone would go to the length of posting such a horrendous messsage calling for the murder of police officers and hope to find him or her and get the vandal off the streets.

“We are shocked and saddened that someone would create such a sign. We are gratified to know that the, what we think is the, overwhelming majority of Nashvillans, who are also shocked and saddened.”

According to WATE Channel 6, who also shared the image, the white trailer sits on the corner of Charlotte Avenue and 33rd Street. Rachel Tidwell, a worker at a neighboring business, feels the message is not what the blossoming neighborhood needs. She claims the residents have been working hard to revitalize the area and make it a better place.

“Everybody in the neighborhood is trying to bring it up, make it a better neighborhood for everybody, and it’s been moving very well. But at this point, that’s just highly offensive.”

Police investigators found the spray cans that were used to paint the graffiti on the trailer and hope fingerprints will lead them to the vandal’s identity.

Despite the negative message, many from the community are rallying to bring the vandal to justice and stop him or her from spreading more hatred and threats toward the police.

It is unknown what charges the vandal may face, other than defacement of private property, but the authorities are likely to offer multiple charges for the threatening graffiti, such as conspiracy to kill an officer.

A neighboring pressure washing company removed the graffiti at no charge to the trailer’s owner. Once police took photos for their files, the company quickly painted over the graffiti.

“I tried to get this down as quick as possible. It cost me $200 to cover it up.”

The owner of the trailer has not been identified at this time, although police are trying to find the owner to see if he or she knows who might have created the hateful message.

[Photo Courtesy: WTVF/Scripps Media]