Jenelle Evans Arrested Again, But ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star, Twitter Fans, & Her Attorney Blame Ex Nathan Griffith [Video]

Jenelle Evans, Teen Mom 2 star, had specifically told ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith to keep his new gal pal away from her home in Myrtle Beach. But when Griffith did not comply with her request, Jenelle allegedly assaulted Nathan’s girlfriend, Evans’ lawyer revealed to Us Weekly.

In her role as the attorney for Jenelle, Amy S. Lawrence explained that Griffith received a request to pick up his belongings. Evans said that she would put his items at the end of the driveway, therefore avoiding any conversations or encounters with her ex.

“Jenelle had requested that he not bring his new girlfriend and he said that’s fine,” added the 23-year-old’s lawyer.

Nathan and Evans have a 13-month-old son, Kaiser, together. Jenelle was settling their child in for a nap, and happened to glance outside. When Evans discovered that Griffith was there with his girlfriend, she telephoned and asked him to leave.

“He hung up on her. And then he pulled in the driveway and so she walked out and she had a glass of ice water in her hand, and it’s my understanding that he got out and …. had a verbal altercation,” said Lawrence.

When Jenelle saw Nathan’s girlfriend exiting the car, she felt reportedly endangered and therefore tossed water, as well as the glass, at the woman.

South Carolina’s Horry County Police Department also offered a description of the incident, saying that Evans assaulted Griffith’s 29-year-old girlfriend by hurling a drinking glass at her head.

In Lawrence’s account, Jenelle was also attacked when Nathan’s gal pal grabbed the glass and threw it right back. However, no arrest was made in the case of the 29-year-old.

In her 13th arrest in five years, Evans was charged with assault and battery in the third degree. Her other son, Jace, is 6-years-old. Jenelle has sought to get custody back from her mother, Barbara, who currently is responsible for the child.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office previously provided a police booking photo after Jenelle was arrested for drug and paraphernalia possession August 12, 2013 in Bolivia, North Carolina. She was on probation, but then failed a drug test.

Jenelle Evans is shown in a police booking photo after her arrest for drug and paraphernalia possession August 12, 2013.
Jenelle Evans is shown in a police booking photo after her arrest for drug and paraphernalia possession August 12, 2013.

Back on social media, Evans received support from many of her fans. She also tweeted her feelings with a quote.

“I got enemies, got a lot of enemies. Got a lot of people that try to drain me out my energy.”

In addition, Evans retweeted a story from Teen Mom that revealed Nathan has been texting Jenelle without his new girlfriend’s knowledge.

Although Griffith claimed to family and buddies that it’s Evans who wants him to return to her, the texts between the two reveal that Jenelle has emphasized that their relationship is over.

Moreover, an insider shared that Nathan has phoned Jenelle and even had a 45-minute phone conversation about topics ranging from movies to how she was coping.

[Photo by Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images; Photo by Robin Marchant / Getty Images]