Watch Esteemed Researcher Prof. Raphael Mechoulam Explain The Importance Of Cannabis

Prof. Raphael Mechoulam, sitting in his research laboratory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, explains the importance of cannabis research in this video posted to YouTube. Mechoulam is called the “grandfather of modern cannabis science” and was the very first researcher to isolate the THC molecule.

Mechoulam is an Israeli organic chemist. He is nearly 85-years-old and studied chemical engineering in Bulgaria in his younger years but immigrated to Israel in 1949. Mechoulam is a highly esteemed member of the scientific community, and he happens to know a lot about the medical uses of cannabis. He was given the Israel Prize in Exact Sciences for his work in chemistry, honorary doctorates from Ohio State University and Complutense University, a NIDA Discovery Award, a David R. Bloom Prize by Hebrew University, and an EMET Prize in Exact Sciences. Mechoulam was even made an honorary member of the Israeli Society of Physiology and Pharmacology. That’s merely a partial list of his awards and honors.

Mechoulam knows the value of cannabis. In the video above, he states with conviction something medical marijuana advocates are still trying to convince lawmakers to accept.

“Essentially every disease that has been investigated, the endogenous cannabinoid system is involved.”

Mechoulam acknowledges that this is a very strong statement, and there is no other biological system that is involved in essentially all human diseases.

The 85-year-old researcher explains that most scientific data on cannabis was restricted because of marijuana prohibition, but states, apparently amused, that he was not aware of “all these things” when he started his research and that he, eager to do research on cannabis, asked the police for hashish (marijuana resin) smuggled from Lebanon.

“And they said, ‘Yes,'” Mechoulam explained, recalling how he carried five kilos of hashish onto a bus after picking it up from a police station.

According to Mechoulam’s bio, he has published 390 scientific papers, mostly on cannabis, and his current cannabis research is being funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Speaking of medical cannabis and its compounds, Mechoulam stated simply, “They help. I mean in many cases, this is the only thing that helps.”

In the video, he brings up how parents in the U.S. are now finding that CBD oil containing very little THC can stop and lessen seizure activity in children.

“It works. No doubt it works.”

Mechoulam says that his research showed that cannabis can treat epilepsy for about 35 years, causing parents to question why it has taken over three decades for even some lawmakers to make the drug available to suffering patients.

[Screengrab via featured video]