The Cloud Is Powerful: Thieves Take Pics With Woman’s Stolen Phone – She Uploads Their Cloud Selfies To Facebook

Kelly Brown Jones will likely get the iPhone back that was stolen from her backpack at Cedar Point, as reported by Fox 8. Jones enjoyed a day at the amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. However, a damper was put on the day when her phone went missing out of a lost bag. Later, when Kelly was at home scrolling through her iCloud photos via her iPad, she noticed photos that she didn’t take herself. That’s when Jones realized the thieves were taking selfies with her iPhone, not realizing those same photos would be uploaded to Kelly’s iCloud account.

Brown Jones added 4 new photos to her Facebook account on August 19 at 9:20 p.m. and was surprised at just how fast they went viral. Kelly unleashed her anger against the thieves of her phone, credit cards, and camera in the viral Facebook post.

“I’m fuming right now…..My family takes a trip to Cedar Point every year. This year I accidentally left my back pack on a bench….realizing it, went back to get it and it was gone. Police recovered my bag but gone were my ID, credit cards, 35 mm camera, tickets to the park for the next day and both my cell phone and Tom’s. Needless to say I’m sick about it. Well….I go on my iPad tonight and the little white trash pieces of s*** took pictures of themselves and its on my photo stream. Please help me find these a******s so I can press charges! UGH….sooooooooo mad!!!!!”

With more the 163,000 Facebook shares, Jones’ post is gaining lots of comments. Some of the comments ask Kelly if she has used the “Find My iPhone” app to uncover the thieves. It’s an app that has helped others find their stolen phones — but folks have been advised not to use the app and go after would-be criminals themselves. Certain individuals have gone after those who’ve stolen their phones and have ended up getting harmed in the process after confronting the thieves.

Jones hails from Betleyville, Pennsylvania and didn’t expect that her Cedar Point trip would be marred by thievery. It was on Friday, August 14, when Kelly’s valuables went missing after she accidentally left the booty of technological bevies on a bench at the Ohio park.

Although the alleged thieves are putting up their middle fingers in the selfies shown, they likely won’t be doing the same if those same folks end up in mugshots. However, the investigation of the stolen items will be best left to the police to uncover if those shown in the photos are actually the thieves.

[Image via Facebook]