‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: HOH Turns On Nominees In ‘BB17’ House Again

Big Brother 17 spoilers from Saturday (August 22) reveal some unsurprising news. A familiar path in the BB17 house is being taken, with the new Head of Household (Austin Matelson) about to protect Vanessa Rousso from getting evicted. A report from fan site Big Brother Network indicates that Austin has created a web of lies that his two nominees for eviction fully believe. John McGuire and Steve Moses have been duped again, with the Week 9 Veto win likely the only shot they have to guarantee safety during the next eviction ceremony.

Steve started figuring things out based on how Austin was presenting himself, and now he knows that Vanessa isn’t going to be the target that Austin claimed she would be this week. Somehow, Austin was still able to convince Steve that the new target would be James Huling, alleviating some of the fears Steve had with getting nominated again. If Steve doesn’t win the Veto, he could be the next houseguest joining the BB17 jury. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Austin was already shifting his plan the moment he won the HOH.

John McGuire isn’t safe in these new Big Brother 17 spoilers either, even though he has been convinced by Austin that he is again just a pawn. The reality is that John is actually the target for Week 9, and that if he doesn’t win the Veto on Saturday, he is going to be leaving the house. John is so in the dark about what is going on that he might even throw the Veto competition. That is how close he is to leaving the game and how well that Austin has been able to pull one over on him.

Vanessa Rousso has been able to save herself again, and this week she didn’t even need to do much in the BB17 house. Instead, it seems that Austin Matelson, Liz Nolan, and Julia Nolan have convinced themselves that they must keep Vanessa in the house a bit longer. Live feed viewers are seeing the familiar chatter about how she needs to go home “next week,” and that the time hasn’t arrived to break up the alliance yet. At some point, it is going to be too late to get Vanessa out, and she may be back on a path to win the $500,000 prize. That could lead to two frustrating episodes this week on CBS.

These latest Big Brother 17 spoilers are not what many fans of the show have wanted to see, especially as Vanessa continues to blame everyone else in the BB17 house for her actions. Will it take a jury member returning to the house and winning the next HOH for anyone to really target her for eviction again?

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]