Vanessa Hudgens Shares Heartbreak As Dad Battles Stage 4 Cancer & Gets Questioned About Zac Efron [Video]

Vanessa Hudgens recently requested that her fans pray for her dad. At the time, Vanessa didn’t share why she was seeking prayers. But at a Los Angeles awards ceremony a few weeks after that request, Hudgens shared that her father is battling stage 4 cancer, reported ABC News.

Attending the 2015 Industry Dance Awards gave Vanessa the opportunity to share about her dad Greg’s diagnosis. Hudgens explained that the Circle of Hope, which the Industry Dance Awards benefits, has now become even more meaningful to her.

But as Vanessa accepted the Breakthrough Performer Award, she revealed that Austin Butler, her boyfriend, suffered a loss last year when his mother Lori passed away from cancer. Hudgens then broke her news.

“My dad has just been recently diagnosed with stage-four cancer. And let me tell you, I hate cancer. I hate cancer with every cell of my being,” said Vanessa.

Hudgens also commented that a few years ago, she would have simply thought that cancer was horrible. But now the personal connection caused her to become so emotional that Vanessa spoke through her tears as she revealed that she was choosing to dedicate her award to some very special people.

“I dedicate it to my boyfriend’s mom… Lori, my dad, and to all the families out there who are struggling with this,” said Hudgens.

Vanessa not only spoke about her father’s cancer at the event. Hudgens also got tackled with questions about her former boyfriend Zac Efron, reported Fox News.

At the 2015 Dance Industry Awards, FOX411 questioned whether she had recently talked with Zac.

“Next question,” said Vanessa.

Hudgens and Zac first met in 2005 during the filming of High School Musical. After dating from 2007 to 2010, Vanessa and Efron broke up.

The following year, Hudgens and Austin Butler began their relationship.

Vanessa’s Breakthrough Performer award was made especially special by the presence of Kenny Ortega. Kenny was her choreographer and also her former director, and Hudgens shared just how much that support meant to her.

“The fact that Kenny is here and giving me out my award is so amazing. It just really shows sometimes you meet people and they’re just kind of always there for you and that’s really special, especially in this industry. So you hold on to them.”

The event at which Vanessa’s award was presented, the 2015 Industry Dance Awards, is focused on helping The Circle of Hope charity, reported MSN.

The organization benefits dancers who are survivors of cancer.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]