Hurricane Season 2015 Predictions: Hurricane Danny’s Path To Graze Florida In The Atlantic?

The 2015 hurricane season predictions have Hurricane Danny’s path crossing close to Florida this coming week. Hurricane Danny briefly became a category 3 hurricane on Friday, but wind speed dropped as it churned its way across the Atlantic.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, although it is possible the Category 2 hurricane may weaken to become Tropical Storm Danny once again, earlier hurricane predictions claimed the dry weather hanging over the caribbean would hamper Tropical Storm Danny from strengthening further.

“Dry air hampers tropical cyclones by encouraging the development of stronger thunderstorm downdrafts, which then either squelch nearby thunderstorms from forming or push them away. This dry air is also stable, meaning it suppresses upward vertical columns of air needed to maintain or form new thunderstorms. This will be a continual challenge to Danny over the next several days, as water vapor imagery indicates an ample reservoir of dry air north of Danny extending westward into the eastern Caribbean Sea.”

So far, hurricane season 2015 has failed to produce a major hurricane. The Florida hurricane season has also been mild for several years, but if Hurricane Danny’s path takes it more north west then this could change. Currently, the National Hurricane Center says Hurricane Danny is on track to drop rain on part of the northern Caribbean islands.

“Maximum sustained winds have decreased to near 100 mph (155 km/h) with higher gusts. Additional weakening is forecast during the next 48 hours, and Danny is expected to become a tropical storm on Sunday as it approaches the Leeward Islands.”

As noted, Hurricane Danny is is expected to weaken further, but if the storm tracks further north into the Atlantic it could survive and perhaps even strengthen. NOAA has Hurricane Danny’s path taking it between Cuba and the Dominican Republic by Thursday.

Brian McNoldy of the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science agrees that the dry weather will weaken Hurricane Danny, but he notes that some of the computer models show that Hurricane Danny could “regroup and re-intensify over the Bahamas.”

“That scenario can’t be ruled out, but the majority of models currently do not suggest that right now,” McNoldy wrote. “I’ve gotten a lot of questions from south Floridians about this storm, and as of now, there is no cause for concern… just cause for attention. It’s still about 2,000 miles away from south Florida, but *IF* it remains intact and *IF* it continues to track toward the area, it would arrive in the Friday timeframe.”

On his Twitter account, McNoldy also provided a photo comparing Hurricane Danny’s predictions to other storms of the past.

As Hurricane Danny trundles its way to the west, we will keep you updated on the 2015 hurricane predictions and whether or not a Florida landfall is predicted.

[Image via NOAA]