Sofia Boutella Joins ‘Star Trek’ Movies As An Alien: Is She An Ally Or Villain?

Sofia Boutella’s Star Trek movie debut will be as an alien, according to a recently leaked set video. Not much is known about her role yet, but the footage, which has been routinely taken down for copyright violation, shows Sofia as well as some of the recast crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

The video is a green screen shot featuring Boutella, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, and Anton Yelchin in their roles as a new alien, Captain Kirk, Scotty, and Chekov, respectively. It begins with Sofia climbing out of what appears to be a hatch and doing something with what appears to be a mechanical table.

Chris Pine follows shortly, looking around and sporting a new open-front uniform with the classic Alliance logo, as well as yellow stripes over the shoulders from front to back. Could this new uniform signify Starfleet’s needed revamp after Khan nearly destroyed their headquarters in Into Darkness? It might also be a uniform to signify him as Captain, as Simon Pegg emerges shortly afterward wearing the classic red shirt.

The title seems to indicate that the Enterprise is going beyond what the crew has known so far and actually explores new worlds.

Where Sofia Boutella seems to fit into Star Trek Beyond appears to be as an ally, though Khan had made a short alliance with the crew as well. In the video, it appears Captain Kirk isn’t concerned about the potential of danger while working with her. More high definition stills can be seen on Screen Crush.

What kind of alien is Sofia portraying? She doesn’t appear to be from any civilization that has been widely depicted in Star Trek lore, which means her character is possibly from an entirely new race. Coming Soon suggests she could be from the people that the crew exposed the ship to in the beginning of the last film. Her face and hair are covered in white with black stripes, and she’s wearing what appears to be light armor on her shoulders. Her outfit uses straps and appears to be more function than fashion. This could indicate a species that is used to war and ready for anything.

Sofia Boutella’s Star Trek role is still unknown, though it appears the crew trusts her.

It is highly doubtful Star Trek Beyond will attempt to touch The Search for Spock in its plot line, especially after the fan backlash from Into Darkness. Trekkies didn’t appreciate Khan being changed, and Paramount will probably avoid trying to rewrite the classics again.

What do you think of Sofia Boutella’s Star Trek Beyond appearance? Could she be playing the role of Captain Kirk’s first successful love interest, bringing back what Shatner brought to the role of James Kirk? Is she a new femme fatale?

These questions about Sofia Boutella’s Star Trek role, and many more, will be answered on the Star Trek Beyond release date of July 8, 2016.

[Image via Paramount Pictures / Film Divider]