Louis Tomlinson May Have Extra Bodyguard Needs

Louis Tomlinson headlines have indicated that he will be hiring an extra bodyguard — and he may truly need one.

Recently, Louis Tomlinson was reported by the Mirror on August 20 as rehiring Zayn Malik’s bodyguard. All the reports state that Louis Tomlinson was doing this as a favor to the bodyguard because he lost his job when Zayn Malik left One Direction.

Nevertheless, it appears that it can never hurt to have extra security if you are in Louis Tomlinson’s world because sadly, these seem to be insecure times for Louis Tomlinson and other celebrities.

For example, People reported on August 21 that Louis Tomlinson’s father was in court due to an ongoing decline in mental health. A prosecutor close Louis Tomlinson’s father’s court case stated that after he “reportedly disappeared after an argument with his brother over a hotel they own…. ‘He has been reported as a missing person, and there were real concerns about his mental state and well-being.'”

Could Louis Tomlinson be hiring Zayn’s old bodyguard to protect his father — or to save him from the side effects of his ongoing Twitter battles?

Louis Tomlinson is a fan of Twitter battles and has recently taken the side of Calvin Harris’ fight with against his old 1D pal Zayn Malik. Radio headlined the situation with Calvin, Zayn and Louis Tomlinson on August 18 with, “Let’s hope this doesn’t get violent.”

Are Twitter battles a reason to worry about Louis Tomlinson’s safety? Instead, there are other real life reasons that Louis Tomlinson may need to hire extra security. Mainly, this relates to his upcoming status as a father and how a celebrity fatherhood has its own special set of security risks.

For example, Express states the following in an August report about the “increasing numbers of celebrity stalkers.”

“The difficulty for a celebrity is they want to be out and about with their families, they like publicity and their faces in magazines and on TV yet that exposes them to obsessive personalities and that danger can be very real. It’s a dilemma for any celebrity today.”

KREM2 backs up this claim that extra security is needed when a celebrity has a new baby with an August 14 report about the British Royal Family. They state, “[A]larming tactics that paparazzi have used recently including: hiding in car trunks, hiding in sand dunes, and using other children to draw Prince George into view on playgrounds and more.”

According to a Hollywood Life report around July 20, Louis Tomlinson is also getting his baby’s mother into a gated community for extra security from fans. In addition, other members of One Direction besides Louis Tomlinson have been reminding fans that they need to chill out during public encounters with 1D.

To emphasize this point, UnReality TV quoted Liam Payne and Niall Horan around August 5 stating that fan-related behavior that they saw in New York City during a night out with friends was unacceptable. Liam Payne even said that fans had him “cornered like an animal.”

Naturally, one other reason that Louis Tomlinson might need additional security relates to his “secret relationship” with Harry Styles.

If rumors from a Vanity Fair article from August 4 are true, Louis Tomlinson will need another bodyguard simply to protect his secret that his baby’s mother is a “surrogate” for his baby with Harry Styles (a.k.a. Baby Larry Stylison).

[Feature image via Stephen Lovekin/Stringer/Getty Images]