Scott Peterson, Laci Peterson: Sex Addicted Hubby Killed Pregnant Wife For Amber Frey In Tonight's 'Murder Made Me Famous' On Reelz

The Scott Peterson, Laci Peterson, Modesto, California murder case will make the next episode of Murder Made Me Famous on Reelz. Last Week, the Inquisitr reported on the debut of the new Reelz show. Tonight's Murder Made Me Famous will detail the actual events of the murder of Laci Peterson, who was eight months pregnant, and her unborn baby, Connor. Laci's death made headlines in 2002 after she vanished on Christmas Eve. When her body washed ashore several months later, her husband, Scott Peterson, was charged with murder. Today, he still sits on California's death row, where he seems to be living a "cushy' life," according to Daily Mail.

Laci Peterson was a bubbly, cute, dark haired beauty. By all accounts, she was a talented young woman with many friends and was a beautiful homemaker. She enjoyed being a housewife, and she loved putting together exquisite meals for her friends and family members. When you were invited to Laci's house, you knew you were going to have a good time. And this is exactly the kind of image that Laci wanted to portray.

According to the Movies Based On True Stories Archives, Laci emulated Martha Stewart, and other shows that encouraged women to be the perfect homemakers. Impressing her friends with her beautifully organized Modesto home sure made people feel cozy, and it gave Laci lots of pride. Her husband, Scott, liked that about her, too---in the beginning.

Scott Peterson was a handsome dark-haired man who appeared to be a successful businessman. From the outside looking in, it seemed that life for the Petersons was just perfect. In reality, Laci was not was not happy with Scott. Though at times he could be charming and reassuring that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, behind the scenes, he was longing for life as a single man. Scott loved three things: money, porn, sexy women who loved lots of sex, and himself---so that makes four.

He never wanted to be married, and he didn't want to be burdened down with babies and sweet baby showers. He wanted a picture-perfect life for the outside world to see, but behind close doors, he wanted a busty vixen who knew how to 'get down' in the bedroom. Cherries and a bottle of champagne were always high on his list of things to have to begin a passionate night. Don't believe it? Just ask Amber Frey. From the beginning, Scott came on strong and went after the pretty, blonde, massage therapist with a vengeance. He never mentioned that he was married, in fact, he said that he had "lost his wife." He bedded Amber down every chance he could, while his wife Laci was at home decorating and making up recipes.

Not to be cruel, but Laci knew some of this about Scott. Even while she was dating him, she caught a glimpse of the kind of man he was. It is well documented that she even caught Scott with another woman while they were engaged. But she didn't want to give Scott up. Plus, he looked good on paper and looked good on her arm. None of her friends and family knew anything about the problems in their marriage. The likable substitute teacher kept all of that to herself. She didn't want anyone to know---not even her girlfriends, nor her own mother. Still, Laci didn't deserve what happened to her and her precious baby. No one could have imagined that it was actually Scott who was behind her disappearance.

Laci's family liked Scott. They didn't suspect him of harming her in the very beginning. But looking back, they could see that some of his behavior was peculiar. Also, when Laci went missing, Scott wasn't sad at all. He acted like a newly single bachelor who was ready to move on with his life. Days after Laci vanished, he ordered pornography channels and talked to Amber on the phone in the most cheery voice---how nice.

With one phone call, Amber Frey toppled Scott Peterson's perfect world to the ground when she came out publicly against him, stating that she had no idea he was married and even secretly taped his voice during their intimate conversations.

Back in 2002, the American people were absolutely mesmerized by this case because Laci could've been any housewife, and she could've been anybody's pregnant daughter. So how did he kill her? No one will ever really know exactly what happened that day, but it is believed that Scott Peterson attacked his wife somewhere between the bedroom and the kitchen, and then strangled her, before taking the body out to the bay and dumping it with his newborn son inside, according to ABC News.

It appears that tonight's Murder Made Me Famous is going to dramatize exactly how he may have committed the murder, something that the Lifetime movie based on the case skimmed over. Be sure not to miss it. Murder Made Me Famous comes on Reelz Channel tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The previous episode of Murder Made Me Famous included the story of Jodi Arias.

Here is a glimpse of Laci and Scott's Modesto Home

Some footage of Laci Peterson cooking
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