‘Full House’ Fans Will Find The ‘Unauthorized Story’ Strangely Familiar

Saturday night fans of the classic sitcom Full House can relive some of their favorite moments — or reasonable facsimiles. The Unauthorized Full House Story debuts on Lifetime. The movie is a behind-the-scenes account of the actors and their relationships, from the time the series was first pitched to the network up until Candace Cameron Bure’s off-screen wedding.

Producer Stephan Bulka told Entertainment Weekly that the movie features some scenes that are similar to actual episodes.

“For the most part, [the alleged scenes from ‘Full House’ are] little mini-episodes we created for the movie.”

“In the scenes you see, little snippets will feel very familiar because they’re very much in the style and tone of the original show.”

Although Bulka promises a good deal of drama, fans can expect a light-hearted look at a beloved television program. For those who follow Full House and its principal players, there will be nothing revealed that hasn’t already made it to the media.

“It’s a very fun and entertaining, and I think very affectionate, look at what a lot of the Lifetime audience grew up watching and loving. There’s a lot of humor in the movie and a lot of things fans didn’t really know before. It’s really a love letter to the show.”

“We made a decision to do the movie based on what was available to the public. We thought, let’s just make the movie we want to make and hope that the actors like it as much as we do.”

Bulka says it is a true account of the events as they happened. Justin Gaston, the actor who plays actor John Stamos — and by extension, his Full House character Uncle Jesse — told Cosmopolitan his own research revealed there were some liberties taken with the script.

“I went back and started searching online and looking at old interviews and watching [John Stamos’] episode of ‘Biography’ and all of that. There’s some creative liberty, for sure, and I can’t give an exact percentage, but a lot of the stuff really did happen.”

John Stamos is a producer on the Full House reboot, Fuller House, which is set to debut on Netflix next year. Stamos recently expressed disappointment at the news that the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, will not be coming back to the show, although most of the original cast is returning.

People reported that The Unauthorized Full House Story will cover Stamos’ difficult relationship with the twins, and their salary negotiations that kept them from the program.

The movie airs Saturday, August 22 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

[Image: Lifetime]