Ashley Madison Hack List Update: 3rd Leak Contains Naked Photos, Chats Of Ashley Madison Users

Paula Mooney

The Ashley Madison hack list drama continues, as some journalists wrestle with whether to publish names from the Ashley Madison list -- and others reel over the famous names that have already emerged. While the first major hack list of Ashley Madison users was the big shoe dropping with names, email addresses, amounts spent on Ashley Madison, and more, the second hack landed with more of a thud. That second treasure trove of info contained CEO Noel Biderman's email and other Avid Life Media, Inc. information.

Now a third leak from the Ashley Madison hacking has dropped, reports the Daily Mail, and this one could be even more detrimental, since it contains the naked photos and chat sessions exchanged between Ashley Madison users. Although the hackers claim that they don't plan to release the naked photos from the third hack, they aren't above releasing the messages and chats from the sessions on the website.

It's a move that could endanger those who claim they only signed up for the Ashley Madison website out of curiosity. If naked photos are exposed, or even the messages exchanged between Ashley Madison users, they would make a person's intentions easier to peg. With some folks claiming that their email addresses were harvested or hacked, any messages that are leaked as part of the third release of hacked data would either prove that notion true or false.

Either way, the Ashley Madison hack list is big news, with Google Trends reporting more than 100,000 searches for the term coming into the search engine on Friday, August 21.

On Twitter, the hashtag Ashley Madison has received more than 133,000 tweets about the trend, mostly about the surprising involvement of YouTube star Sam Rader of the popular "Sam and Nia" YouTube couple with Ashley Madison. Sam went viral when he informed Nia of her pregnancy, and then went viral once more when the couple said they experienced a miscarriage.

In the heat of the Ashley Madison third leak, some are warning those that download the leaked data to be careful, since it could represent stolen property. Others are busy defending or explaining the appearance of their name on the list. One GOP leader said he visited Ashley Madison for opposition research while others admit to cheating and claim forgiveness.

Meanwhile, the hackers are promising more hacks -- and claim the next hacks won't necessarily land against cheating sites like Ashley Madison.

[Image via Ashley Madison]