September 12, 2019
Mathilde & Pauline Tantot Are Double The Sexy In Thong Bikini Snaps

Mathilde and Pauline Tantot are two Instagram models that also happen to be twin sisters. The sisters have their own individual accounts where they enjoy posting racy photos showing off their flawless figures with the minimum amount of clothes possible. However, they often pose together in their photos to give followers double the eye candy.

In a recent photo posted to Mathilde's Instagram page, the French models pose with their backs to the camera as they don tiny thong bikinis that leave little to the imagination. Taken in the back seat of a convertible car, the sisters wear nearly identical suits with just the color and shape of the top differing.

Mathilde wears a black bikini that includes a cutout across the back and is secured with a tiny clip. The thong bottoms put her ample backside on full display while her exposed bronzed skin shimmers in the sunlight.

Pauline, pictured on the right, is dressed in a white bikini featuring a tiny crop-top style top and thong bottoms similar to those of her sister. She also poses while pushing her booty out, emphasizing the curve of her hips and sculpted legs.

Both sisters let their long, straight blond tresses flow loose down their back as they keep their faces out of view of the camera.

A second and third photo in the three-part post features just Mathilde as she rocks some solo shots. The nearly identical photos put the model in the same position in the car as she leans over the side and spreads her arms out to support her weight. The photos also center on her busty backside, contrasting perfectly with her tiny waist and curvy hips.

In the caption of the sexy post, the 23-year-old tells her 3.5 million followers that girls just want to have fun. Her fans went crazy for the latest post, expressing how much they love when the sisters pose together in their photos and telling them both how beautiful and hot they are.

One of her followers made a joke in reference to the caption in their comment.

"Girls just wanna HAVE A BODY LIKE MATHILD'S."
"These are the two hottest girls in the entire world," another Instagram user commented.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mathilde and Pauline do not just spend their time snapping sexy photos for their fans as they also run their own swimwear line called Khassani Swimwear.