‘No More!’: Frustrated Cat Says ‘No More’ During Bath [Video]

The adorable cat in this online video will likely tug at your heartstrings — especially when you hear what she has to say.

That’s right — this cat apparently feels that the usual “meow” is not sufficient when it comes to bath time. To make it clear just how frustrated and fed up she was with the process, this cute cat repeatedly says, “No more” to the same person that may also be filming the incident.

You might have to play the video a few times to believe it — especially if you were not aware that cats can say a lot more than just “purr” and “meow.”

There are quite a few viral videos on YouTube that feature a cat saying “No” for one thing or another to his or her owner.

In addition to using actual words in a relatively small vocabulary, studies have proven that cats are very expressive animals — communicating regularly with their owners one way or another.

Mirror reports that Dr. Sharon Crowell-Davis, a University of Georgia professor of veterinary behavior, strongly believes that cats are just as expressive as dogs.

“When you’ve been at work or school all day, and your cat comes up and rubs back and forth against you, and he may wrap his tail across your calves — what your cat is doing is taking a friendly greeting behavior that normally functions within their species and moves it to relating with the human species.”

Watching the cat in this online video makes it clear that cats may have a lot to say. It’s just a matter of learning how to listen to and understand them.

[Image Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images]